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A small effort to share my knowledge and experience with you to help overcome common problems related to Pocket PC Synchronization.  I am certain you will find the information in the articles very useful.  Some of the information is very elementary but I have noticed some people tend to miss it out.  I have tried to include graphics wherever possible for better understanding.  Many thanks to Chris De Herrera for hosting these articles and making me a part of Pocket PC FAQ (formerly CEWindows.NET).

~ Raj Pillai

* ActiveSync & WMDC Resources * Outlook Resources

Configuring ZoneAlarm with ActiveSync

-  Microsoft Outlook & Pocket Contact Synchronizer (Add-in)
ActiveSync & Microsoft Money for Pocket PC Microsoft Outlook & Pocket Contact Synchronizer (Add-in) Issues
ActiveSync & Multiple Partnerships Microsoft Outlook & vCalendar (.vcs) Files
ActiveSync & Inbox Synchronization Synchronization Issues After Using Import Option
ActiveSync & Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Transceiver How to Synchronize Contacts under Business Contact Manager?
ActiveSync & Unique Partnership Name Sort using "File As" field within Contacts
ActiveSync - "Combine or Replace" Dialog -  Force your WM 5.0 device to open the Profile you want it to use.
-  ActiveSync & Command Lines  - Mail Format Changes after ActiveSync Synchronization
Selected Categories Go Missing for Contacts  - Category based Contacts synchronization for WM 5.0 and WM 6.0 devices  Updated
Ghost Icons On The System Tray  
Clearing the Mails from the Pocket PC Inbox  
Synchronizing Drafts folder  
Add/Remove Programs Pops Up Every Time  
Synchronizing Notes To Two Locations  
Add/Remove Program Screen Does Not Appear  
ActiveSync 4.0 - Reinstalling Previous Version connects as Guest  
ActiveSync - Version Incompatibility  
ActiveSync 4.x - Configuring ZoneAlarm (free version) Firewall for Windows Mobile 5 
ActiveSync 4.x - Installation displays InstallShield window with Command Line Parameters
WMDC - Make it Appear while Synchronizing
WMDC - The �Do More� Registration Screen  
* Pocket PC Resources  * Other Resources

How to Remove AvantGo Channels from Mobile Favorites ?

Microsoft FrontPage - TPL Files Get Converted to HTML 
How to Clear Recent Program Listing ? ACER X960 - First Impressions  New
Moving Mails Between Accounts  
'ActiveSync: 1 Unread Message' on the Today Screen  
Microsoft Transcriber - How to Backup/Restore Custom Shorthand Notations  


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