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ActiveSync - Clearing the Mails from the Pocket PC Inbox
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.24  Created 24/02/2005

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You have been synchronizing the Inbox between your Pocket PC and the computer. But if you no longer need it and uncheck the Inbox synchronization in ActiveSync, the Pocket PC will still contain the last synchronized messages. Now if you select the Inbox option again (In ActiveSync -> Tools -> Options), it will delete all the messages and sync them back. Basically refresh the messages.  For more information about how the Inbox is synchronized, refer - ActiveSync and Inbox.

Can't I delete the messages directly of the Pocket PC?

Yes, you certainly can delete (tap and hold the message and tap delete) the messages of the device. But if you were to sync your Inbox again with the Pocket PC, it would delete that mail from the desktop as well. So you can follow this method only if you are certain you don't need those mails or are planning to delete the mails from the computer as well.

To quickly delete all mails on the Pocket PC, go to the Inbox, on the on-screen keyboard tap "Ctl" and then "a". This action will select all the mails. Now tap and hold the selected messages and delete all of them in one go.

How to Clear the Inbox without deleting the messages?

To clear the Inbox the best way to do it is to specify the number of days as "0" (In ActiveSync-> Tools-> Options-> Select Inbox-> click Settings). This would clear the Inbox on your Pocket PC. Once done, uncheck Inbox in ActiveSync. Result the Inbox is clear and the messages are still available on your desktop.

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