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ActiveSync & Unique Partnership Name
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2003-2004
 Version 1.24  Revised 5/11/2004

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Another unique problem faced is when you already had a partnership established and for some reason you are displayed the dialog, which needs you to setup the partnership again.  However, it does not allow you to use the old partnership name since it displays that the partnership name is already in use and needs a unique partnership name.

Why Setup a Partnership?

While setting up a partnership, the Device ID is stored on the Pocket PC and the Desktop.  This name has to be unique.  If you are using more then one Pocket PC then you cannot have two devices having the same Device ID.  To reference the Device ID of your Pocket PC, tap Start -> Settings -> tap System tab -> About -> Device ID. 

This information is used by ActiveSync to identify the Pocket PC when it is connected for synchronization purpose.  The partnership information also stores the settings that you use to synchronize.  ActiveSync will create a profile and will store this information in the Repl.dat file.  Additional files might be generated depending on options selected for synchronization.  The location where it stores might vary as per the operating system.  In Windows XP, you will find it under the following location:

<drive letter>\Documents and Settings\"User Name"\Application Data\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Profiles\

Why Did The Dialog Appear?

This occurs when you have not deleted the old partnership information on the Desktop PC.  Follow the steps given below to delete the old partnership name:

  1. Disconnect the Pocket PC from your computer.

  2. In ActiveSync on the Desktop click File -> Delete partnership

  3. Delete the old partnership name as it appears.  If there are other partnership names along with it and you do not need it, repeat the steps and delete those as well.

  4. Connect the device and follow the instructions to create a new partnership.

After having deleted the partnership, you might find that you are still unable to use the old partnership name and are displayed the following dialog:


This is occurring due to fact that there must be a backup file in a folder created with the previous partnership name. 

Example: If you have named your earlier partnership "Pocket_PC" and had taken a backup, then the Backup.stg file will be placed in a folder called "Pocket_PC". Usually the folders are located under the path explained earlier.  While creating the new partnership, it is detects this name is already taken and therefore you might not be able to name partnership - "Pocket_PC".

If you are unable to find the exact path, then search for the folder or file (*.stg).  If you find the folder, then you have the option to rename the folder or delete it.  Then establish the partnership with the desired name.

Another option would be to restore the backup file since it will restore the old partnership.  For restoring the backup file, please refer to ActiveSync Backup and Restore Guide.


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