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ActiveSync & Inbox Synchronization
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2003-2004
 Version 1.24  Revised 5/11/2004

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The most important aspect of synchronization is the transfer of data through and fro between the Personal Information Manager (PIM) to the Pocket PC.  Here is a little insight about how ActiveSync works when it synchronizes Inbox.

Inbox Synchronization:

After selecting Inbox for synchronization in ActiveSync, e-mail messages are synchronized as part of the general synchronization process. During synchronization:  

  • Messages are copied from the Inbox folder of Outlook or Exchange on your PC to the ActiveSync folder in Inbox on your device. By default, youll receive messages from the last five days only, the first 100 lines of each new message, and no file attachments.  You can customize the settings in ActiveSync (Tools->Options-> Select Inbox -> Click Settings button).

  • Messages in the Outbox folder on your device are transferred to Outlook or Exchange and then sent from those programs.

  • The messages on the two computers are linked. When you delete a message on your device, its deleted from your PC the next time you synchronize.

  • The messages in the subfolders in other e-mail folders in Outlook are synchronized only if they have been selected for synchronization in ActiveSync.

If you have multiple partnerships using ActiveSync, then only the Inbox of the first partnered computer is synchronized.  Sometimes the messages that are moved in Outlook from the Inbox to another folder (including the Deleted Items folder) are not removed from the Pocket PC Inbox during synchronization until the message is permanently deleted from Outlook.

A problem you might face is when you have lost all your PIM data on the Desktop PC and you have this data on your Pocket PC.  More often then not, you tend to think that upon synchronization, the e-mails that appear in the Inbox of the Pocket PC will get synchronized to the Desktop PC. Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way and results in having an empty Inbox on your Pocket PC.  This is due to the manner in which ActiveSync synchronizes as explained above.  It synchronizes the Inbox of the Desktop PC into the Pocket PC.

If you really need those e-mail messages back, then the work around is to use Intellisync provided by Pumatech.  They have a trial edition on offer so you can check it out. IntelliSync has options to set import, export or synchronize the two devices. Which means you can actually set a one way synchronization.

Before you try to do this, please backup the data on your Pocket PC. Then install IntelliSync (it needs ActiveSync to be installed so don't uninstall ActiveSync) and refer to Importing and Exporting data in the Help file of IntelliSync. You will need to use the export option.

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