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Pocket PC -  Moving Mails Between Accounts
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.00  Revised 04/03/2005

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ActiveSync allows you to synchronize only one .pst file in Outlook.  So if you have multiple mail accounts which need you to create separate pst files, then you will not be able to synchronize them with your Pocket PC.  So you might end up having configured one account with Outlook and a couple of others on the Pocket PC itself.  But if you wanted to move the mails from one account to another within the Pocket PC, then it is not possible.

What are the options for moving them?

One option you have is to move the messages from the desktop between two accounts.  Since it is a lot easier then to do it via device.  If this is possible, then you are pretty limited in your options to move the mails between accounts on your Pocket PC.  The most common method is to send a copy of the mail to the concerned account.  The same task can be performed without sending a copy as explained below.

You could forward the mail, but before sending it on the top half of the screen look out for the two arrow heads that face downwards.  You will find
it below the Ok button.  Tap this arrow and it should display you a choice for the Account that you would like to send it from.  As seen in the screen shot below:

Select the account you want the mail to appear in and tap Send. The message will be in the Outbox of that account.  Now you have the option to move it to the folder you wish to move.

Note that if you open the mail to make changes from the new Outbox location and click Save, then it will be stored in the draft folder of the original account.

Third Party Solutions:

If you need to synchronize more then one Outlook .pst file, then take a look at the following software applications.  They have separate desktop and pocket pc modules which allows you select and synchronize more then one .pst file and all folders that are stored under them.

Note that while setting up the folders and .pst files for synchronization in the above applications, you will need those pst files to be open in Microsoft Outlook.

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