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Microsoft ActiveSync & Ghost Icons On the System Tray
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.24  Revised 09/02/2005

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If you have enabled Fast User Switch in Windows XP, then every time you switch users back and forth, you will notice an additional ActiveSync icon on your system tray.  If you do this several times in a day, then you will end up having a clutter on the system tray. 

How to Remove it ?

If you move your mouse over these icons, the dummy icons will disappear leaving behind the genuine one.  Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid it unless of course you "Log Off" the active user every time.  If this is not an option and you find the icons pretty irritating you could consider using a free utility called Resync whenever you want to synchronize.

Resync will close the Wcescomm task, which creates the icons and restarts it with only one (genuine) icon on your task bar.   This should solve your problem about the dummy icon's appearing on your taskbar whenever you switch between logins.

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