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ActiveSync - Synchronizing Notes To Two Locations
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.00  Created  07/03/2005

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ActiveSync synchronizes Notes in a very unique manner.  It will either sync with Notes under Outlook  or as a file under the My Documents folder of the desktop depending on the selection under Tools -> Options.  If both are selected, then it will sync it as a Note because of its designated sync order.  ActiveSync will sync information types in the order as seen under Tools->Options.  Notes include your regular notes (.pwi) and the voice recordings (.wav) saved under the My Document folder of the mobile device and notes saved in Outlook.

Do you want the Notes to both locations?

If you answered "Yes", to this question, then you will need to tweak the registry.  The logic behind the above synchronization method was to avoid duplication of information on the desktop and Notes is the only application that creates .wav files on the device.  But if you need them to be available in Outlook as well as My Documents folder then follow the instructions:

  1. Open ActiveSync and under Tools -> Options select both information types (Notes and Files).
  2. Open the Registry  - go to the Start -> Run, and type


    Click OK or hit Enter key.
  3. Then browse to the following key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\Partners\********\Services\Synchronization\Objects\File

    The ********** will be a string containing a combination of numbers and alphabets since this is how Windows CE recognizes your device. If you have more then one partnership, then you will find more then 1 entry here.  You will need to identify the key containing the current partnership information. You can tell which string holds your current partnership information by looking at the Briefcase Path key under "Synchronization".  It should display the synchronization folder.
  4. Look for the string value of "ExcludeExts" under the key path listed above.  This contains file extensions that Files needs to ignore while synchronizing.  The entries for WAV and PWI will appear only if Notes has been selected as an information type for synchronization in #1.  Now all you need to do is remove the file type that you want to appear in the My Documents folder of your desktop. 

    Example -  If you want all your voice recording to synchronize to the My Documents sync folder.  Then all you need to do is double click the "ExcludeExts" value and edit it to remove the WAV extension.
  5. On your next sync, you will find your Notes (depending on the values edited in #4) in Outlook as well as My Documents folder.

Limitations You Encounter:

The limitation that you will face if you decide to synchronize Notes to both locations are explained below:

  1. The Notes will leave a copy behind on either location (Notes or My Documents folder) if any of them is deleted via the desktop until the next sync (Disconnect and Sync).  Deletion from the mobile device will reflect the changes immediately on the desktop on both locations.
  2. Any .wav files that are synchronized from the desktop to the mobile device will also be seen in the Notes section of Outlook.
  3. If you make an changes to the selection of Notes in ActiveSync (in Tools -> Options) then the settings will be lost and will continue to sync the manner in which it is designed to do.

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