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Microsoft ActiveSync -  The Add/Remove Program Screen Does Not Appear
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.24  Revised 27/02/2005

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Sometimes you might be unable to install any programs using ActiveSync. Even if you try accessing it via Tools -> Add/Remove Programs in ActiveSync, the "Add/Remove Program" dialog box appears to open and then immediately closes itself without any error message.  This behavior can been seen in the screen capture below:

Screen Capture  in the Flash (.swf) file format


What causes this behavior?

The most common cause for this symptom is if you are running a firewall software and have not given CeAppMgr.exe permission in the firewall. This behavior is noticed when you are using some third party firewall software.  It is not noticed while using the Windows XP SP2 firewall. 

Firewall applications tend to block the port which is used by for communication with the Pocket PC.  ActiveSync uses CeAppMgr.exe to Add/Remove programs from your Pocket PC. This file can be found in the installation directory of ActiveSync. The default location being:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync.

For information on applications that ActiveSync uses to synchronize information, refer to Configuring ZoneAlarm with ActiveSync.  If you want to confirm if the firewall is the cause, then try shutting down the firewall for a short while and check it out.  If it is successful, then all you need to do is grant this program full permission in your firewall software.  Users have confirmed this issue with McAfee and Norton firewall application.

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