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WMDC – The "Do More" Registration Screen
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2009
Created 1/03/2009

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If you have a new Windows Mobile device and are using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) to synchronize, then you would have seen the following screen prompting you to register to get free content and help related to Windows Mobile.


Read on to understand more about when and why it appears and other related information.

When & Why Does it Appear?

Under normal circumstances, this dialog will appear only when you connect a mobile device which has never been synchronized before with any PC. The reason is because when you connect your mobile device to the PC, WMDC looks if the “Production Registration” key is inserted in the registry of your device under the following location:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\

If it is not available, it inserts this key and displays the above dialog and waits for your input i.e. Register Online / Remind me Later / Don’t Register. Based on your selection it enters the following values under “Production Registration” key:
Selection Values entered

Register Online

Inserts a DWORD key “State” with the value 1.

Remind me Later

Inserts a DWORD key “State” with the value 3 and also inserts a String Value key called “LastReminder” which stores the last reminder date and time.

Don’t Register

Inserts a DWORD key “State” with the value 2.

If it’s available, WMDC will simply read the above entries and act accordingly. As these entries are stored on the device, WMDC looks for this entry in every device that is connected. No information about this setting is stored on the computer side.

So users who complain that they are prompted with the above dialog whenever they connect a new device, you now know the answer. There is no easy way to disable this dialog permanently from popping up if you have quite a few mobile devices to deal with due to the design in which this information is stored.

Registration Benefits:

Having spoken about Registration, it makes only make sense to explore it a bit.

The registration enables you to gain access to lot of content and information which will enable you to basically make most of your device. So you can gain access to content that will enable you to customize the phone by adding your choice of ringtone, wallpaper and themes. Get information on how to be more productive with your device and getting help for issues related to your mobile device.

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