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Microsoft ActiveSync - Version Incompatibility
By Raj Pillai, Copyright 2004-2005
 Version 1.24  Created 14/2/2005

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When you attempt to synchronize your mobile device with Microsoft Activesync you might encounter an issue it displays a message stating the following:

'This version of Microsoft ActiveSync is not compatible with the
connected movie device. Please upgrade to the latest version of
Microsoft ActiveSync and reconnect'

Solving the problem:

The problem might occur when the desktop ActiveSync is unable to read the version on your Mobile Device.  To troubleshoot the problem, first you need to ensure that you are using a compatible version of ActiveSync on your device.  If you are experiencing this error when you connect the very first time, then the chances are you are not using the correct version.  Visit the ActiveSync Versions FAQ page and confirm if the version if compatible.

However, if you have been successfully synchronizing the mobile device and are facing the error (in some cases, intermittently), reinstalling ActiveSync and performing a soft reset might not help.  To solve this problem, do the following:

If you are using Microsoft ActiveSync 4.x version -

  1. Open the Task Manager on your computer.  To do so, right click the Taskbar and click 
    the Task Manager or Simply press the "Ctrl + Alt + Del" keys.

  2. Select the Processes tab, select and end the wcescomm.exe process.  Otherwise you will not be able to deleted the files mentioned below.

  3. Click Start -> Run and type:


    And click Ok.  This should open up the system32 folder.

  4. Locate and delete the following files:

    - rapi.dll
    - ceutil.dll

    Note: If you are unable to delete the file, restart the computer and then attempt to delete the files.

  5. Reinstall and attempt to setup a partnership.

If you are using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x version -

Reinstall the version of ActiveSync you are using.  If it still throws the error, open the "wcesetup.log" that is available in the Temp folder.  To view the file do the following:

  • Click Start -> Run and type:


    And click Ok.  This should open up the log file.

This file should give you details about which files are being copied and which ones are not copied.  Look out for the following text

WARNING: not copied (old ver = x.x.x.xxxx, source ver =x.x.x.xxxx )

That should give you a clue which file(s) is/are not getting replaced.  Go to the path listed and delete it and then reinstall ActiveSync.  This will cause ActiveSync Setup to copy the missing files.

Note:  ActiveSync 4.x versions create the setup log file as "ActiveSync.log" instead of "WceSetup.log" under the same location.

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