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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
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About Pocket PC FAQ and Chris De Herrera
Copyright 1998-2007, All Rights Reserved.
Revised 5/30/2007

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Welcome to Pocket PC FAQ (formerly CEWindows.NET)!  
I hope you find a lot of useful information about Windows CE and the Pocket PC here!

I created Pocket PC FAQ to educate users about Windows CE. At first, it was just the Windows CE 1.0 Handheld PC comparison, pictures and screen shots. Since then, I have been adding comparisons, pictures and screen shots for all versions of Windows CE including the Pocket PC.  I  also noticed that the other websites were not oriented to users that really wanted to use the technology to it's fullest. I have added comparisons for all versions of Windows CE I have added information about communications (Ethernet, ras, modem, serial and IrDA), e-mail, mobile channels, and ActiveSync.   In conjunction with Terence Goggin, we have been working on applications for the Pocket PC and developer information such as the Developer FAQWindows CE 2.1 and pictures of the development platforms.  In March, 2005, CEWindows.NET was renamed Pocket PC FAQ to more closely reflect the current generation of Windows CE devices.

Pocket PC FAQ has been recognized in print and on the web for the content it provides to the Windows CE community. You can read more about this on the Website Awards page.

Along the way, I've been assisting users on the newsgroups and via e-mail. In recognition of my support for Windows CE, Microsoft has selected me to be a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows CE, the Pocket PC and now Mobile Devices. I have wrote the Comm Link column which originally appeared on Microsoft's website. I also write periodically for Pocket PC Magazine where I focus on Enterprise use of Windows Mobile Devices.

My technical expertise comes from over 20 years working with PCs, LANs/WANs, modems and printers. I have designed, configured and implemented a variety of networks.  I have been working with PDAs since the Casio Zoomer (the first pen based PDA) came out in the early 1990s.  I still have one of the first handheld computers that ran on watch batteries called the Radio Shack PC-1 which first inspired me to work with computers.  I have been following Windows CE, the Pocket PC and Smartphone since before their announcements.  I was looking for a PDA with a high degree of flexibility in communications and the first Handheld PC demonstrated more features than other devices of their generation.

I've done all of this because of my interest in Windows CE and what it could do. I am willing to work with developers and OEMs to create better products. If you follow this site, you may see information that you will not find anywhere else.  I would like to thank the support of Microsoft as well as the OEMs and software developers for providing support and assistance with this site.  If you are an OEM and do not offer support for your products any more, please let me know! I will add support information and files to support discontinued products as a service to the users.

If you have questions regarding Windows CE, please ask them on the newsgroups or on Pocket PC FAQ Forums. If your questions are specifically about my website or information posted on it, feel free to e-mail me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also, please vist my Forums before you leave!

I attend various industry events and participate in the Los Angeles Pocket PC Users Group. I look forward to meeting people that read my website whenever I can so feel free to stop me if you see me!

Also, you can listen to my discussions about the Mobile Community on Computer Outlook.

You can also read more about me in my story My First Five Years Supporting Windows CE (Bending the Ear of the Giant) here on Pocket PC FAQ. 

Also, you can read over 10,000 posts over my career I have made to support end users in Google Groups.

Thanks for visiting! Please support this website via your e-mail contributions as well as clicking on the banners. I am not currently being paid to gather this information so your support is greatly appreciated.

Chris De Herrera
Webmaster, Pocket PC FAQ (formerly CEWindows.NET)
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional -
Mobile Devices and Tablet PC

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