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The most complete set of FAQs on Windows CE anywhere!

Here is where you will find Reviews and Commentary on all topics including:


ATI Imageon 100 Video Chip
Casio E-15

Casio E-100
Casio E-100 Video
Casio E-115 & Pocket PC - D. Corsi
Casio E-125 & 1GB IBM MicroDrive Review - Justin Yu
Casio EM-500 Review by Justin Yu
Casio EG-800 Review by Justin Yu
Celio Redfly
1. Redfly Screen Shots
2. Redfly Pictures
3. Redfly USB Peripherals
4. Redfly Under the Hood - A look inside the Redfly Design
Compaq Aero 1520
Compex Infrared Wireless Access Point

DreamWriter I.T.

HP Jornada 430 SE
HP 620/660 LX Upgrade to H/PC Pro
HP Jornada 690
HP Jornada 720
Installing the iPAQ 387x ROM Version 2.20
iPAQ USB Sync and Charge

iPAQ 3970 Review Part I
iPAQ 3970 Review Part II
Intermec 6651, By Charles P. Finlay

Lured by the Dark Side
Philips Nino 500
PDA/HPC Comparison
Pocket PCs - Not Quite There - P. Bennett
Pocket PC Notes - Kevin Altis

Seidio Data Power Pack
Siemens SX45 Review
Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver Preview
Stylish and Practical: The Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 600 Pocket PC
TrendNET CompactFlash 10/100 Ethernet Card  

Tuff as Nuts Case for the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition
ZCom LanEscape XI-800 802.11b Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card


A Practical Guide to Working with ActiveSync 4.0
Anatomy of a Wireless LAN
Video: Anatomy of a Wireless LAN
Anatomy of an 802.11 Wi-Fi Enterprise Wireless LAN
Anatomy of a Bluetooth Hotspot
The Word as Seen by Pocket PC
Pocket PC Summit 2002 East Keynote
Video: Pocket PC Summit 2002 East Keynote

Pocket PC Communication Introduction and Overview - What does my Pocket PC talk to?
Windows Mobile 2003 for the Enterprise


ActiveSync Future Directions
Casio Survives Toilet!

Is Windows Mobile 2003 More Secure?
Technical Analysis: Comparing Windows CE with Palm OS - REBUTTAL
Rebuttal: Head to Head: Palm VS Pocket PC by Thomas Goirand
Current State of Communications and Networking
Improving the Speed of XScale
Is Windows CE Here to Stay?
Ergonomic Design

What is in The Future of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs?
Mobius 2001 & Microsoft Mobility Community Council 2001
My Conversion
My First Five Years Supporting Windows CE
My Perspective: The Current State of Windows CE
My Perspective: The Current State of Windows CE - 2000

My Perspective: Let's Communicate with the rest of the Enterprise!
My Perspective: Getting Technical Support for Windows CE
My Perspective: Wireless Pocket PCs in the Enterprise
Palm Advertising

Palm's Split - Can They Do It?

Palm's Transition to Windows Mobile
Performance Recommendations
Pocket PC's Future Clouded by Windows CE.NET
Pocket PC Security
Supporting Pocket PCs in the Enterprise

Synchronize the Enterprise

Tedd's Informal Forecast of the Future
The End of an Era - Where did the Handheld PC Go?
The End of the Classic Version of Windows Mobile (AKA the PDA)
The Gamer's Guide to Buying a Pocket PC
The Great PDA Hunt - Justin Yu
The Revitalization of the Pocket PC
User Interface Consistency

What is Needed for Windows Mobile to Excel in the Enterprise?
What Hardware Does Chris Carry?
Went Retro Today - Brian Keener 

Windows Mobile Core OS Directions
Windows Mobile versus BlackBerry
Working out Website Names - Trademarks - The Difference between Palm and Microsoft

Rebuttal - Writing on your Palm's Ford vs Chevy Article

Software and Accessories

ActiveSync 3.0 Review
ActiveSync 3.1
ActiveSync 3.5
Bonzai Bridges the Desktop Gap
CompactFlash Card Shootout!
Compaq iPAQ Rom Upgrade
Compaq Dual PC Card Sleeve

Communications Speed Comparison
Disaster - Friday the 13th vs. My E-11
Flak Jacket for iPAQ
Flak Jacket iPAQ PC Card Case
Getting Connected to IPASS with Windows CE

HP Jornada 680 Extended Battery Review
HP Jetsend Review
Initial Testing of the IBM MicroDrive 340
Inooch iPAQ 3800 Case Review
iPocket Bungee Review

Keymate Review
NexiPak Review

OtterBox 1910 Case Review

OtterBox 3600 Case Review
Password Juggler 2002
PCE2000 / Times2Tech iPAQ RAM Upgrade

PocketLANce vs Pocket PC 2002
Pocket Mac
Pocket Mac Preview

Pocket Mac Pro Screen Shots
Remote Support for Pocket PCs - CEAnywhere
Rhino Skin Cases
Seidio XDA / T-Mobile Phone Edition Swivel Clip Holster Review
Silver Slider 5 Review
sonicadmin Review
Stylus + Review
Windows 2000 Installation of Windows CE Services
Windows CE vs Palm
Windows Mobile 2003 - Enterprise Features
Windows Mobile 2003 - Enhancements for All Users
Windows Mobile 5.0 Overview
Windows Mobile 6 for Enterprise Users


Ages of Empires

Bob the Pipe Fitter
Bricks and Balls: Two eSoft Games get an Update
Crystal Cracker
Defender and Robotron 2084
Devil Darts
Links Pocket PC Edition
Pocket EverQuest
Sea Strike
Shanghai Pocket Essentials

Siberian X

Soccer Addict
Ultimate Underworld for Pocket PC Review
When Life Gives You Lemons´┐Ż.. Hexacto's Lemonade, Inc.

Guide to Writing Pocket PC Game Reviews

News Readers

Ink Spot CE Review
News Force Review


Microsoft Pocket PC

Bill Gates COMDEX Keynote: The Strategic Role of the Pocket PC
New Wireless Connections for the Pocket PC
Staying Connected With the Pretec CompactModem
Transfer Contacts to a Palm or Psion with Peacemaker
Travel Nearly Anywhere with the Xircom CompactCard Modem 56
Windows CE Goes Real Time -- What Does It Mean?

Microsoft Comm Link

Accessing Shared Resources using the Network Client
Communicating using Beams of Light Using Infrared
Connecting to the Internet via Aircard
Configuring your H/PC Pro to Connect to the Internet
Continuous Connectivity via the Magic of Wireless
Creating Web Pages for Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 2.0
Count the Ways to Get Connected

Making the Ethernet Connection with your Handheld PC
Making the Ethernet Connection with your Palm-size PC
Offline Information on Palm-size PCs via Mobile Channels
Using ActiveSync with your Handheld PC and Windows 95 ... From Anywhere

Austin Gates International Man of Technology Comdex Keynote 1999
Comdex 98
CeBIT Asia 2002
CES 2001

CES 2003

CompactFlash Cards
SD and SDIO Cards
Smart Displays
Samsung Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition
General Pictures
Hewlett Packard Booth CES 2003 Video
Orange SmartPhone Video
NETA940 Video
Microsoft SPOT Video
Microsoft Automotive Video

CES 2006

Motorola Q
Symbol MC70
 iMate SP5
General Pictures
Video - SlingBox_Pocket_PC_Demo
Portable Media Center
DualCor's cPC Preview at CES 2006
DualCor's cPC Preview at CES 2006 - Accessories
DualCor's cPC Preview at CES 2006 - Pictures
DualCor's cPC Demo at CES - Video

CES 2005
eFocus 2005 - Pictures & Video
MEDC 2005 - Pictures & Video
PC Expo 2002 Pictures
Pocket PC Summit
Pocket PC Summit 2002 East

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