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By Chris De Herrera 
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 Comparing Palm and Windows CE:


Is Windows CE Here to Stay?
Lured by the Dark Side
My Perspective: The Current State of Windows CE
My Perspective: The Current State of Windows CE - 2000
Palm Advertising
Palm's Split - Can They Do It?
Pocket PCs - Not Quite There - P. Bennett
Rebuttal - Head to Head: Palm's OS vs Pocket PC
Technical Analysis: Comparing Windows CE with Palm OS - REBUTTAL
Tedd's Informal Forecast of the Future
Went Retro Today - Brian Keener
Working out Website Names - Trademarks - The Difference between Palm and Microsoft

Hardware and Software

Communicating between Palm and Windows CE
Converting from Palm to Pocket PC

My Conversion  (from Palm Desktop to Outlook)
Pocket PC vs. Palm: Which is Better for Games?
Windows CE vs. Handspring
Windows CE vs. Palm

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