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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
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The most complete set of FAQs on Windows CE anywhere!

Comparisons, Pictures and Screen Shots

Getting Started: Help deciding what device is best and new purchasers information.  Includes installing apps as well.  Pocket PC FAQ Wiki - a great place to start learning about Windows Mobile!

Windows CE 5.0: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6

Windows CE 4.2: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

Windows CE 3.0: Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC Phones, Windows Powered Cellular Phone (Code Name Stinger), Handheld PC 2000, BE-300, Other Devices

Windows CE 2.1: Handheld PC Pros and Color Palm-size PCs, Web Companions, Web Enabled Phones, Upgrades, Service Pack 1

Windows CE 2.0: The original Grey Scale Palm-size PCs, second generation Handheld PCs, Auto PC

Windows CE 1.0: The Original Handheld PCs

Applications: RegKing, 7 Day Appt View, CEWebInstallX, Undocumented ActiveSync Switches, TSSizer, ScreenSnap

Developer Information: Developer FAQ,  Helpful Information for Developers

Miscellaneous: Stocks, Books, and other PDAs (Casio Zoomer, Dauphin DTR-1, etc.), Casio Cassiopeia Software, Philips Velo and Nino Software

Bug Lists: Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC, Developer. Includes individual lists by manufacturer and OS Version

Articles, FAQs and other links

News Feeds & Press Releases: Get the latest news real time from Infosync, Pocket PC Wire, Pocket PC News Wire, Pocket PC News Wire - Developer, and Moreover on the Pocket PC and Windows CE

Reviews & Commentary: Thoughts on accessories and devices, industry directions

Comparing Palm and Windows CE: Thoughts and detailed comparisons  Includes how to communicate between them

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs: Help using Windows CE, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs and Smartphones, ActiveSync, Windows Mobile Device Center, How Tos, Troubleshooting, ISP Settings, FAQS - Alphabetical

Enterprise: Articles about Windows Mobile in the Enterprise.

Security: Articles about Windows Mobile Security and how to secure it.

Newsgroups:  Discuss news and issues about Windows Mobile with other users via Microsoft's Newsgroups

Forums:  Discuss articles and questions about Windows Mobile with other users in the Pocket PC FAQ Forums

Peripherals: The most complete set of compatible Ethernet, Modems, Storage, Wireless LANs, Cameras, Cellular, CDPD, Bluetooth, Multimedia Cards & Secure Digital Cards, SmartMedia

Reader eBooks: Information, Links, Conversion Tools, Reader eBook Directory

Books: Windows CE, Pocket PC, Application and Embedded Development


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