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Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Software
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2003

 Version 1.22  Revised 11/20/2003

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Pocket PC 2002 software.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.   This page does not address hardware issues where components fail due to mishandling.  Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 3 has been released.  I suggest that all users install this before reporting bugs.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products. The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit. All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution

All Devices

11/20/03 All You are unable to login to MSN Messenger Microsoft has released a new version of MSN Messenger for the Pocket PC 2002 and you need to upgrade.
6/12/03 All Unable to connect to file shares located on Windows 2003 server. Submitted by Eric Chew You must disable SMB signing to access network shares.  See Microsoft KB article 811497 which contains a workaround to disable SMB signing.
9/5/02 All When using Reader to display an E-Book with multiple images there is a memory leak so the total memory of the system is reduced while you are viewing the E-Book.. Open Issue.  I suggest resetting your Pocket Pc after using a Reader E-Book with multiple images. FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.
8/12/02  All When trying to navigate to another folder in Pocket File Explorer the device may open Internet Explorer instead. This renders File explorer unusable. This is a fairly rare problem but I have seen it a handful of times. My previous fix for this was a hard reset, but I decided to dig further after the problem returned 5 minutes after a hard reset on one device.   Submitted by Rob Shelvey
  1. Cradle the device
  2. Run up File Explorer on your Desktop PC
  3. Navigate to your Mobile Device and open the folder \Windows\Favourites
  4. I had one icon in here without a file name, I deleted that and the problem went away. If in doubt delete all the favourites, presuming you have these backed up on your Desktop.

File Explorer on the Pocket PC now works ok.

7/11/02 All When you click on the speaker and drag the volume to the bottom of the slider, it is equivalent to mute.  However the mute symbol is not displayed.  So the user can not depend on the speaker icon to accurately display the mute status. Open Issue.
4/28/02 All Pocket Internet Explorer reports the screen size as 320 x 240.  The PC reports 640 x 480, 800 x 600, etc.  It should report 240 x 320. Open Issue.
2/4/02 All When Inbox sends a message, it closes the connection before signing off the host. Some ISPs like Earthlink actually refuse to send the e-mail due to this issue. This issue is fixed with Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1
11/26/01 All On Pocket PC 2002 calculator all manually entered values for currencies disappear after SOFT reset of the device. This renders the currency feature of calculator useless since such resets are needed every now and then. Open Issue
11/26/01 All FIND doesn't work properly for type ALL DATA and type POCKET EXCEL. If the user tries to enter a search string in the FIND field, program aborts to the today screen. Soft reset doesn't help. FIND feature does work properly again after a hard reset, but after continued use above problems start to appear. Open Issue
11/20/01 All Windows Media Player 8.0 cannot play MP3 files encoded by MusicMatch at 128kbps Open Issue
11/06/01 All A PPP connection (internet or corporate LAN) will not work properly if a gateway IP address is not provided by the PPP server. Affects, modem, cellular, and GPRS connections. See Microsoft KB Article for details. This is fixed with the Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1. Or you can install a new PPP.dll provided by Rodney Clinton Chua
11/05/01 All Block recognizer also does not recognize an alternate method of writing the letter "D", which is to write a cursive lower-case L starting from the lower-right (same as writing the graffiti "shortcut" symbol in reverse). This is by design.
11/05/01 All When entering information into contacts using the "block recognizer" aka graffiti, the "abc" does not change to "Abc" when auto-capitalization occurs. It still displays "abc" and yet the letter you enter is automatically capitalized. Furthermore, you cannot cancel the auto-capitalization by using the graffiti upstroke (aka 'shift'), the only way to get a lower-case letter is to enter the letter twice and then delete the first one. Open Issue
11/5/01 All When Setting Contacts>Tools>Options>Country/region, the country I live, Israel is not available. This is by design. Israel was not part of the list of countries.   So you need to setup your own dialing pattern
11/02/01 All You cannot access FTP sites (either through IE or through WiniNet) that require username/password. This worked in Pocket PC, and always transmits anonymous now on Pocket PC 2002. Submitted by Steve Makofsky This issue is fixed with Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 2 There is a 3rd party control for developers available at Pocket Consumer.
11/02/01 All The problem is it will not delete eMails for my POP3 servers correctly. I have two POP3 eMail accounts set up, one with an exchange server at work and another on a Unix server at work. I use them both on the pocketPC as POP3 eMail accounts in Inbox. I dial in with either of the modems or sometimes with a Socket CF Ethernet card. Under tools/ options/ messages I select to have messages deleted on connect/disconnect. I download my mail and read it off line while traveling or watching news in the evening. After reading the mail I will select some for deletion. I connect to the work server, go to Inbox select a service and connect, download new mail, send messages and expect my deleted messages to be removed. I disconnect and check either the tools/status or the delete folder and my deleted messages are still their. I check my desktop at work the next day and the deleted messages are still their. I have found that if I connect, go to tools/ options/ messages and select delete manually, close then Renton tools/ options/ messages and select delete on connect/disconnect the messages might get deleted on the next connect/ disconnect. Turns out this works some of the time but only once and then you have to repeat the process. I have also found that if you delete a message on the desktop and also delete it on the Pocket PC and then access the server that the Pocket PC will become confused and not ever remove it from the pocket PC delete folder until you do a empty deleted items from the delete folder command. This is all changed from Pocket PC 2000. That work correctly and never presented a problem - at least I think Pocket PC 2000 Inbox worked correctly. If Pocket PC 2002 is the correct way then someone better document how it is expected to work so we can use it correctly. I have also notice that if I connect using connections first and then go to Inbox to read mail then to Inkspot to read news groups and then to ActiveSync even though I have ActiveSync set to disconnect at completion it does not disconnect from the phone connection only from the remote computer. Pocket PC 2000 disconnected from the remote computer and the phone connection. Also if you connect with connections and go to Inbox and try to connect with a different connection method selected in the Inbox it will disconnect your connection and then start a new connection. In the Pocket PC 2000 you could select connection type as none in Inbox and then when you went to Inbox after establishing a connection it would give you a message asking if it was ok to use the current connection instead of disconnecting and starting a new connection. I wish Pocket PC 2002 could have retained that feature because I connect in so many different ways and I have to remember to reset the Inbox before doing a connect or I lose the connection and it is a slow process reestablishing a connection when you have to connect using SecureID. Submitted by Ollie Holt Open Issue -FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.
11/02/01 All Inbox: In the \Windows\messaging folder, there are sometimes files with the length of 0 bytes left over from mails that are no longer synchronized to the device. Submitted by Marc Zimmermann Open Issue. I suggest deleting the zero byte files periodically to clean up from synchronizing mail or you may run out of space.  FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.
11/02/01 All Using IMAP- there is no way to specify a folder hierarchy other than what the IMAP _Server_ reports. Usually, for open source IMAP servers (like the UWASH server) it defaults to the users home directory (on the server). Inbox (with its new folders support) will recursively find EVERY file in your home dir on your email server and list it as an email 'folder/file.' This 'bug' created thousands of 'folder objects' each one its own database on my ppc. I had to delete them by hand, as inbox couldn't handle all the files at connection time. Submitted by Andy Diller Open Issue
11/02/01 All If you activate the new pagination feature at the bottom of your page while reading a book in Microsoft Reader 2.0 for the Pocket PC the memory required to run the program will increase significantly. The memory requirement rose about 12MB after tapping and holding on the page number to activate the pagination feature. Then as you scroll through the book, more memory is taken by the program. For those with 64MB machines it may not be much of an issue, but taking up this amount of memory is still unacceptable. Submitted by Matthew Miller Open Issue - FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.
11/02/01 All I noticed that the spell checker in the Word application has gotten corrupted. With many of the words that I type like "white" "bowel" "with" it tells highlights part of the word as misspelled an then suggest another word. It did not do this when I first started using the application. Reported by [email protected] Open Issue. If the user manually closes applications then the Spell Checker begins working again.
11/02/01 All Pocket IE's rendering of web pages with Fit to Screen enabled does not work the same as Pocket IE 2000.  The pages that used to fit correctly, have graphics, text and tables are not always rendered to look good.  See Pocket IE Fit to Screen Shots. Open Issue. It appears that the best route is to consider redesigning the web pages for better rendering.
10/30/01 All Using eMbedded Visual Basic you cannot access the POOM libraries using the Pocket PC 2002 environment. The programs just exit with no message or anything else immediately upon issuing the POOM Login command. Submitted by Mark Tirschwell. Open Issue
10/29/01 All Switching between using the USB cradle for connecting to a desktop PC, and using a serial cable to connect to the internet with a cellphone requires manually changing ActiveSync settings in the Pocket PC. In ActiveSync>Tools>Options, and check the box for "Enable synchronization ..." when using the ActiveSync connection, and unchecking the box when using the cellphone connection. Submitted by Mick C. Cole. Open Issue. I discovered by trial and error that unchecking the box mentioned above allowed an immediate connection to the SprintPCS network.
10/26/01 All Tell ActiveSync on the Pocket PC  to remote sync over a network to machine1;  doesn't work.  Go back to options and it's set to machine2 - tell it machine1, still doesn't work.  Maybe, on the third or fourth try, the setting takes. Submitted by Michael Gordon Open Issue.   Suggest trying multiple times and maybe, on the third or fourth try, the setting takes.
10/23/01 All Connection Manager, in dialup connections, reverses the DNS numbers in the display  See Screen Shot of Connection Manager DNS Reversal This has been resolved with Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1.
10/23/01 All AOL 1.0 and 2.0 corrupts the Communications Manager.  AOL is aware of the problem and working on a resolution.  In the meantime, you have to perform a hard reset and restore your system!
10/21/01 All The Regional Settings displays the Positive Currency and Negative Currency incorrectly on the display. In other applications like Excel, the settings are used correctly. See screen shot of Regional Settings. Open Issue - FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.
10/21/01 All Can not copy a file larger than 16 MB to the internal ram even if you have more free ram than 16 MB.  You won't see an error until 16 MB of data has been copied to it. This is a known limitation in the internal storage of the Pocket PC (Windows CE OS). The internal storage is called the Object Store and the largest file supported is 16 MB.
10/2/01 All Pocket Internet Explorer reports that it is Monzilla 3.02.  Most SSL websites are requiring Internet Explorer 4.0 or later which are reported as Monzilla 4.0 Use RegKing 2002 to change the user agent string in Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0.  This patch does NOT add any additional functionality to Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0 - FIXED in Windows Mobile 2003.

Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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