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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
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Revised 5/30/2007

Board of Experts - Judge for Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine 2006

"Let's Get Small
For serious info on Pocket PCs, hit Pocket PC FAQ. The site has detailed FAQs that tackle an exhaustive number of topics." - Best Free Stuff on the Web, PC World

RegKing 2002 - Nominated for the top System and Registry for the second year in a row!

RegKing 2002 - Nominated for the top Utility - Other in the 

October 11, 2001 - Pocket PC Awards - Chris De Herrera is awarded the first Pocket PC Community Outstanding Achievement Award.  Pocket PC FAQ is rated #2 in the Pocket PC FAQs behind Microsoft in the People's Choice Awards.  Also, RegKing was nominated as well.

Hardware Manufacturers

Compaq Website, and Compaq Solution Alliance

Hewlett Packard Website

LG Electronics Website

Mainstreet Networks Clio Website

Microsoft's Website, Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

NEC in rom under Help on the MobilePro 780, 880

Symbol Website


Air War College Gateway to Internet Resources

Carnegie Mellon's Handheld Andrew Project - "Chris De Herrera's Windows CE: Encyclopedic resource for all things CE"

Indiana University School of Medicine -The Office of Technology

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - "A good technical review of Windows CE and devices that use it is at"

University of Dublin, Trinity College Anois Project

University of Kansas School of Medicine Wichita Mobile Computing Project

University of Waterloo - E&CE 450, EC&E354

Publication References

March 21, 2002 - The Register - "Well the Pocket PC 2002 release in October has proved extremely buggy and could be a candidate for the flakiest software to come out of Redmond since DOS 4.0, which shows how old we are. Don't take our word for it, however, but check out this chamber of horrors."  They referenced my bug list for the Pocket PC 2002.  While I disagree with the overall tone of the article, at least they cited the bug list as a reference.

August 3, 2001- USA Today Update: Put these websites in your PocketPC - " Chris is a whiz when it comes to anything Windows CE (you'll find some of his articles on Microsoft's so he provides answers for networking your PocketPC with Ethernet, troubleshooting Universal Serial Bus issues and even getting your PocketPC and Palm to talk to each other with infrared connections. His tips have helped me out of jams on several occasions and are essential for serious users."

June 2001 - LAW.COM's Power in the Hand - "Microsoft's own is a great starting point, as well as Dale Coffing's and Chris De Herrera's"

Fall 2000 Pocket PC Magazine Top 10 Windows CE Website

7/2000 - Free Pint - "CEWindows.Net is an extensive and authoritative site produced by Chris De Herrera, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows CE. What this man does not know about Windows CE is not worth knowing."

Fall 1999 Handheld PC Magazine Top 10 Windows CE Website

7/99 - Microsoft Featured Site: CEWindows.Net contains one of the best collection of resources on Windows CE-based products to be found on the Web.

4/99 - One of the Top WinCE Websites -A low-fi site with unbounded enthusiasm for all things WinCE. Wired Magazine, April 1999

H/PC Magazine Top 10Fall 1998 - Handheld PC Magazine Top 10 Windows CE Website 

10/98 - "Chris De Herrera's Home Page � Perhaps the most knowledgeable Handheld PC expert on any continent" Microsoft Magazine

Fall 1997 - Handheld PC Magazine Top 11 Windows CE Website

Website References De Herrera
An excellent CE site! Chris brings it all together including FAQs, links and original content.

Tesseract/Seattle: ( Chris De Herrera, also a MS-MVP/CE, has the most complete collection of FAQs, tips and tricks at this website. I pretty much just open up a window to it whenever I'm trying something new because I know if I screw it up, Chris' site will help me fix it! This man is the CE guru. Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website Probably the most comprehensive Windows CE site on the net. Features reviews, comparisons, evaluations, and analysis of everything CE related including the devices themselves, peripherals, networking devices, and software.

Universal Thread:
Chris De Herrera's huge website on all things CE. Chris is a Microsoft MVP for Windows CE and tirelessly works to bring together relevant information about CE.

Excite "Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Site - Fan of the OS provides product comparisons, technical information, screen shots, articles, and FAQs. Includes Windows CE job opportunities."

Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Web site "A rabid fan site, with news, reviews, even technical information". Snap's Windows CE Center, A C|Net Topic Center

Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Site - Excellent Windows CE resource! CECity Choice 5 Star


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