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By Chris De Herrera 
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 All Rights Reserved
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Industry Events
Revised 5/12/2002

Current Engagements

Pocket PC Summit - May 28-31, 2002.  I will be speaking about an Introduction to Wireless and I also will have the first keynote.

PC Expo - June 25-27, 2002.  I will be attending on the 27th only.

Previous Engagements

M�bius - Europe - I will be attending M�bius in Europe and CeBIT on Wednesday March 13, 2002 in the morning!

SISCTI XXVII - International Symposium of Computer Science and Information Technology - February 28 - March 2, 2002. I will be speaking on March 2 on the current direction and future of the Pocket PC.

Winter CES 2001 - January 8-10.

Microsoft MVP Summit 11/29-11/30

Pocket PC Summit 10/10 - 10/12 - I plan on speaking at the Pocket PC Summit in LA!

Pocket PC 2002 Launch in San Francisco

PC Expo 6/27-6/29 - I plan on attending PC Expo and the Pocket PC Fest in New York

Pocket PC Fest LA

CES 2001 - I  plan on attending CES in Las Vegas.

InEX - I will be speaking at InEX in Montreal on 11/22.

Fall Comdex 2000 - I will be at Comdex through Wednesday.  I will be speaking on Wednesday about Different Keystrokes: Developing for Hand-Held/ Wireless/ Keyboard-Less Clients  

Pocket PC Fest - I attended the Pocket PC Fest on Tuesday, 11/14 at 7PM.  I was one of the folks that was beaming contacts to people in the room as part of one of the contests.

SAP EBusiness Summit - Mobilizing the Enterprise Webcast and chat.

The ScreenSavers 9/21/00 AlternaTip - Discussed secondary storage for your Windows CE PC Companion.  From PC Cards to MultiMedia Cards and CompactFlash as well.

Wrox Wireless Developer's Conference - Introduction to Windows CE for Mobile Application Development and Wireless Devices in the Enterprise

Pocket PC Launch -  4/19/00 Grand Central Station, New York.

CES 2000

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