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Windows CE 2.1 Information
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1997, 1998     

 Version 1.01  Revised 5/4/98

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Microsoft Windows CE 2.1 FAQ

The following features have been discussed in the Press and at Microsoft's Developer's Conference.  There is no guarantee that these features will ship with v2.1 but this is as close as you can get before the systems ship.

Note: Windows CE 2.1 is for the embedded developer only. There are no announced plans for upgrades to existing Handheld PCs or Palm-size PCs.

Windows CE 2.1 Features




Adds Universal Serial Bus support - mouse example included


Fast IrDA (4mbits/s) support, NDIS miniports for Serial IR and Fast IR

Object Store Enhacements

Allows for files and databases up to 16mb in internal ram.  Databases can now be stored on Compact Flash.  ADO support. FAT32 support. Extended DOS partition support. CDFS


Ability to print to network printers, color printing. Popup when complete/failure. No Queue manipulation.

Linear Flash

Ships with M-Systems driver for linear flash PC Cards.

TCP/IP Enhancements

supports IP Multicast, multithreaded AFD (protocol manager), smaller, Additional options request from DHCP server. CHAP passwords greater than 64 bytes,

Cryptography API

Adds Cryptography API (CAPI) 1.0


NTLM Security provider and SSL 2.0/3.0/PCT 1.0 security service

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