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Windows CE 2.x Mobile Channel Links
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998, 1999
 Version 1.67  Revised 11/7/99

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Mobile Channel Links                  

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Requires a Palm-size PC, Windows CE Services 2.1 or later and Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.  For H/PC or H/PC Pro users, you can download the Mobile Channel Viewer from Microsoft.

The Mobile Channel Wizard from Microsoft allows you to take any webpage (including graphics) with you as a mobile channel.  It can also be configured to automatically update the channel information from the web with appropriate scheduling tools.  It is compatible with the H/PC, H/PC Pro and the P/PC.

Java Servlets for WindowsCE Channels allow you to create custom channels with CGI parameters, pictures, and allow you to clip specific HTML tags.

Create a Channel for ANY webpage courtesy of Jason C. Patterson! This does not support graphics in the web pages.

Website Mobile Channel Notes
mobilelogo.gif (349 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Weekly Newsletter of tips which will help you become successful in your personal and business life
Add Mobile Channel A guide to the city of Adelaide, Australia.
aris_mchannel_logo_wide.gif (1344 bytes) Add Mobile Channel ARIS Course Directory Information - PC Support, Microsoft, Novell, Lotus, Oracle and Cisco
aspwire_194x32.gif (2534 bytes) Add Mobile Channel The Ultimate ASP News Source
Big Time   Displays Big Time (12 or 24 hour format) as Desktop Component only
Add Mobile Channel Blake is the Nino's #1 fan.
mbrain.gif (443 bytes) Add Mobile Channel BrainFood gives a taste of interesting items for you to browse during spare moments. Commuting... breaks away from your desk... times when your Palm PC becomes really valuable.
chanwide.gif (3143 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Burr Oak Software - Conversions in Hand
Add Mobile Channel A guide to the city of Canterbury, England.
Cardiology Channel Add Mobile Channel Cards for Cardiology (Medical information)
wave.gif (1420 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Cardiology Graphics Mobile Channel
cebchanhead.gif (1758 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Information about CEBible including a monthly study guide
schannel.gif (841 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Stay Connected to CEGlobe and Windows CE with your Palm PC.
cewire_194x32.gif (2236 bytes) Add Mobile Channel The Ultimate Windows CE News Source
Add Mobile Channel San Diego Chargers Schedule
wlogo.gif (1494 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Babylon 5 Parody Mobile Channel
logo.gif (425 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Der Pocket Standard (German)
Add Mobile Channel Derek's Windows CE Mobile
Add Mobile Channel Dilbert's List of the Day toGo
disneywire_194x32.gif (1320 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Disney News and Information Source
Add Mobile Channel Cocktail Recipes
Add Mobile Channel Formula 1 Racing Results, profiles
logofgn.gif  (824 bytes) Add Mobile Channel News and scores of the German fencing club and a schedule of
s2sclogo.gif (801 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Movie Reviews - updated daily
Add Mobile Channel Roman Catholic Weekly Scripture Readings, Prayer, etc.
hmr-image.gif (1698 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Haiku Movie Reviews
mclogo.gif (550 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Singapore News, Good Softwares and Hardwares for the PPC, Some Singapore Style humor, Few nice Christian sayings Good links on the Net
Add Mobile Channel Mike's Christian Mobile Channel
Add Mobile Channel Rant, Arcade, Sarcasm, Ween
Mobile Investment News Channel Add Mobile Channel This free service includes major indices updates, daily article summaries, price updates for our weekly stock picks, and other investment news.
Add Mobile Channel This channel is for independent musicians and creators of all sorts, as well as indie fans.
MSNBC Logo Add Mobile Channel News, sports, etc
n2_space11.gif (1430 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Astronomical Channel
Add Mobile Channel The National Basketball League of Australia
Add Mobile Channel The latest on Nine Inch Nails!
okeylogo.gif (1671 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Ocracoke Diary is an inspiring, humorous account of one family's weekend on this tiny island on North Carolina's Outer Banks...from a Dad's point of view.
Add Mobile Channel This channel focuses on the Palm-size PC information
Add Mobile Channel Information on Palm-size PCs.
dash_logo.gif (1626 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Windows CE News, Reviews, Articles and More!
Add Mobile Channel Daily Windows CE news, tips and a weekly software review.
Add Mobile Channel Political musings
si80x32.gif (1562 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Random insult quote from various Shakespeare plays
(real quotes, not made up ones)
header.gif (724 bytes) Add Mobile Channel A look inside Show Business.
iwide.gif (3168 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Concepts in internet development with great potential for developers and entrepreneurs.
SVH-chanhead.gif (4022 bytes) Add Mobile Channel The Silvers Virtual House
logo.gif (2576 bytes) Add Mobile Channel SoapCity's Daily Dose Handheld Website
clipboard.gif (356 bytes) Add Mobile Channel The Sony Pictures Entertainment mobile channel
Includes what SPE movies are in theaters that week, TV showtimes for Sony Pictures TV shows, what's updated on the SPE website and any specials on the SPE store. Also, it includes a new JPG of a different Sony Pictures studio star.
sfn_image.jpg (3354 bytes) Add Mobile Channel SpellFire Card Game - provides you with latest news and useful tips and hints for the game.
CEBanner.GIF (2486 bytes) Custom Channel - You must subscribe at the website. Sports On The Go is a free service provided to Sports Fans who have Windows CE or PalmOS based PDA's.  We give you the ability to choose exactly what Sports information you want to be automatically downloaded to your PDA every time you synch.  You won't get another guy's generic news--just information that's important to you.
Add Mobile Channel The Starr Report.  You can subscribe to sections at the main website.
chanbar.gif (1080 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Review of Star Trek Insurrection
Add Mobile Channel Syracuse University Orangemen Football Mobile Channel
Add Mobile Channel Taky Daily Wallpaper - Pictures that a configured to work well on the Palm-size PC.
logo.gif (1097 bytes) Add Mobile Channel The Thirteenth Floor Website (A SPE Film)
vbpmjsmalllogo2.gif (1661 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Visual Basic Project Management Journal - The premier online source for VB project management information.
Add Mobile Channel Visual Basic News (for Developers)
v2k_194x32m.gif (4468 bytes) Add Mobile Channel Il sito italiano su Windows CE - News, Recensioni, FAQ, Tecnica, Mobile Channel e molto altro! (Italian)
Weather Mobile Desktop Component   Weather for any city you want - you'll have to visit the website for details.
Add Mobile Channel Mobile Joke o' the Day
checklistimage.gif (680 bytes) Add Mobile Channel A side-by-side comparison of guests booked on Leno and Letterman each night of the coming week, plus free viewing recommendations, updated every Sunday.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you are using dialup, you'll need to use Favorites - Update Subscription to get the latest channel information on your desktop.  For systems connected to the internet full time, don't forget to check the schedule on your PC (Favorites - Manage Subscriptions then View - Custom Schedules).  Also, your PC has to be on at the scheduled time for the subscription information to be pulled from the internet.

  2. If you are having problems with a channel, you may need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to resolve the problem.

  3. Don't forget to watch the amount of storage that mobile channels are using on your Palm-size PC.  The default is 50% of available storage. To change the amount of storage launch the Channels application, select View Options to adjust the percentage of the storage for as Mobile Channels.

  4. In Mobile Devices go to Tools / Active Sync Options

  5. To confirm that all channels are set to be synchronized check your Mobile Device settings on your desktop.  Only the channels you have selected here will be synchronized.  This can be done via Tools - ActiveSync Options.  Make sure that the channels you want to synchronize with are selected.

  6. Mobile Channel Desktop components are only visible when the desktop is displayed.

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Related Links:

Comm Link: Introducing Offline Information on Palm-size PCs via Mobile Channels

Mobile Channels Development Kit Preview Release

Developer Example Channels  from the Mobile Channels Development Kit

  Courtesy of Ann Harrell

Sample Channel
Current News
Global News
Local Traffic
Seattle Movies

Create an Active Channel with the Sitebuilder Active Channel Wizard or the Microsoft CDF Generator.  You can customize this to be a mobile channel by editing the CDF file and adding some parameters listed in the Mobile Channels Development Kit Preview Release.

Create Your Own Windows CE Mobile Channel, by Craig Peacock

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