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Serial Port FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999
 Version 1.01 Revised 6/3/99

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You can use the serial port on your Windows CE PC Companion to connect to a variety of different peripherals. The most common is synchronization. You can also connect a GPS (global positioning satellite) with moving maps, printing and an external modem.


This is the first use of the serial port for almost all PC Companions. You can speed up your synchronization from the default 19.2k to 38.4k 56k or 115.2k. I recommend using 56k since some devices will have errors at 115.2k. Also, while you are connected, you can transfer files, sync e-mail and install software. Also with additional software you can access desktop shared drives with the network client and surf the web of you add a proxy server program to your desktop. While the device is synchronizing, you can not print to a printer attached to your PC.

External Modem

You can attach an external modem to a H/PC or P/PC's sync cable. All you need is a null modem adapter and a gender changer. In some applications you may need a 9to25pin adapter. There is no difference in functionality between a PC Card and a external modem. You can access the web, RAS, or desktop modem connection. If you are connecting to the internet, you may want to review my ISP Settings FAQ.

Direct Terminal Connection

You can also use the serial port with a null modem adapter to connect to routers, hubs and other hosts via the terminal emulator which Microsoft provides. Microsoft does not have an option for a direct connection, so you'll need to use a terminal before dialing option.  This can be done on the P/PCs as well with their Remote Networking connections.  You will have to enter a dummy phone number that never gets dialed.


  1. Most mice 9 to 25 pin adapters do not have all the pins going through. If you have one from a serial mouse, you may need to replace it.
  2. If you are losing data, try a lower baud rate. Not all Windows CE devices can operate at 115.2k, so you should try 56k, 38.4k or 19.2k.

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