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Getting Started
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000, 2001
 Version 1.03  Revised 8/24/2001

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So you want to learn more about Windows CE and the Pocket PC? This article will give you more information on how to select a PC Companion and get started using it.  Before you get started in the details of what the features and capabilities of these devices, you may want to look at the Glossary which explains some of the new terms used to describe them.

Before You Buy

So you want a Pocket PC or Handheld PC and don't know what features they offer or how to decide what device is right for you.  I recommend that you read Choosing a PDA which explains the hardware features you may want in your device.  After you decide the hardware functionality, you should look at the PC Companion Feature Comparison which explains the different software that is bundled with each different device. You may need to bounce between the two pages before deciding what device is right for you.  Each of these pages lead to more detailed pages with comparisons, screen shots and pictures of the devices.  Also, you will find Reviews of the latest Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs as well.

Getting Started with a Pocket PC

Microsoft offers a great resource for new users to get started with their Pocket PC.  They call it Getting Started 101.  It covers information from out of the box, installing ActiveSync, and tour of the features.  Handheld PC users may find parts of this useful however there are differences between the two device categories.  Also Microsoft offers Pocket PC - First Encounter that you may find helpful in beginning to use your Pocket PC as well. Also, you may want to check out the ActiveSync 3.5 FAQ as well.  You may find that assistance at a local Users Group may be helpful as well.

Getting, Installing and Removing Software

So you've got a new PC Companion and you want to get some cool software!  Well, check out the Other Information on Windows CE for links for software.  Also, you should read Installing & Removing Software as well.  There are multiple different ways to install software.  Also, I recommend that you have a good understanding of how Storage is used in the Pocket PC or Handheld PC since you will be installing applications and data there.  We also offer some Applications here on Pocket PC FAQ as well. 

Connecting with your PC Companion

You will find multiple FAQs here on CEWindows.NET which explain how to connect using USB, Ethernet, RAS, Infrared and Serial.  Also, some PC Companions can access network resources as well using the Network Client or Terminal Server/Citrix.

Other FAQs on Windows CE

There are over a hundred FAQs on using Windows CE in a variety of different ways, from Printing, to WAP Browsers.  In many cases, you will find multiple resources for answering your questions.  As always, you can use the website Search function as well.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions about Windows CE, Handheld PC or Pocket PC, visit Pocket PC FAQ Forums and post a message.  Pocket PC FAQ Forums is a user community that can assist you with questions about your device.

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