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Changes - April 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2002

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4/28/02 - Added another bug regarding PIE and screen size to the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Software.  Added a comment in Network Troubleshooting to address PCs with spaces or underscores in the name - ActiveSync won't work with a PC named this way. Caveat Emptor - Toshiba no longer lists the E-570 on their website! It may be discontinued.  Added Toshiba E310 to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.

4/27/02 - Added ATI Imageon 100 Video Chip Review - The future of quality video playback is here!  Added Are Pocket PCs Starving? to explain how the overall system performance is a function of the speed of the access to the ram.

4/25/02 - Added Managing Bugs - Supporting and Developing for Pocket PC 2002.

4/24/02 - Added Defining the Bug Reporting Process to explain what a bug is and how it is handled by OEMs and Microsoft.  Compaq has fixed the Bluetooth Driver Loading Error - See Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Compaq  for details.

4/23/02 - Added Black Jack Pro Review.

4/22/02 -  Added iPAQ USB Sync and Charge Review.

4/21/02 -  Added Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition in Action Video to the Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition page.  Added SmartPhone 2002 - Games Video and SmartPhone 2002 - Windows Media Player to the SmartPhone 2002.

4/20/02 -  A BLAST FROM THE PAST - Added a link to WP2DOS Plus - a PC application to emulate a PDD Drive for the Tandy WP-2 I wrote in 1991!

4/18/02 - Added the design limitation of Compaq's 3870/3875 Bluetooth speed is 115.2k so high speed data is not possible to the Pocket PC 2002 - Compaq Bugs.  Added Pocket Consumer's control as a possible solution for the anonymous FTP problem listed in the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Software.

4/17/02 - Added NEC to the Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1. I still can not find where URThere or Toshiba offer the Service Pack!  I've added 2 more bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 - Compaq Bugs.  Added the Pocket PC Users Philippines to the Users Groups - International.

4/16/02 - Added a Defender and Robotron 2084 review by Allen Gall.  Added Mazingo channels to the Users Groups - US and the Users Groups - International.  Added the Austin and DFW Pocket PC Users Groups to the Users Groups - US. If you are a member of a users group and it is not listed, please e-mail me at [email protected] PC FAQ and I will add it!

4/15/02 - Added the O2 XDA Quick View.  Added SmartPhone 2002 Screens and SmartPhone 2002 Pictures and added SmartPhone 2002 to the By Device and Windows CE 3.0 pages.

4/14/02 - Changed the navigation to the top.  What do you think of the change?  E-mail me at [email protected] PC FAQ

4/12/02 - Added Audiovox to the Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1.

4/10/02 - Added Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition to the By Device and Windows CE 3.0 pages.

4/9/02 - Added Pocket PC Thoughts and a beta Google News Search for Pocket PC to the News. Added the pictures of the CompactFlash and PC Card sleeves that Compaq has announced for delivery in April.  Added the HP Jornada 928 WDA Quick Review.

4/8/02 - Revised the 802.11 PC Card Wireless LAN to include troubleshooting information for cards that use the Compaq WL100 driver. Added the iPAQ Combo Cable Project by Beverly Howard.

4/7/02 - Revised the Support page - checked all links, etc. Added GPRS and GSM to the Wireless FAQ.

4/5/02 - Added Rebuttal to my Rebuttal: Head to Head: Palm VS Pocket PC by Thomas Goirand.

4/4/02 - Added multiple bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Developer Bugs.

4/3/02 - Added Crystal Cracker Review.  Added a bug for the 3870/3875 Enabling Bluetooth issue to the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Compaq.

4/2/02 - Added to the PC and Pocket PC Newsgroups - German.  Setup newsgroups for Pocket PC/Windows CE Developers in PC and Pocket PC format.  Added Irvine / Orange County Pocket PC Users Group to the Users Groups.

4/1/02 - Added PreviewPoint, CyberReads, and to the Reader Links.

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