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iPAQ USB Sync and Charge Kit Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 4/22/2002

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I recently acquired a Compaq iPAQ 3800 and wanted a USB Sync and Charge cable.  I purchased one from Moonlight Technologies on eBay which was cheaper than their store.  I have a friend that purchased a cable and USB car charger from Gomadic which was identical.

What's Included?

The kit comes with a USB Sync and Charge Cable.  Mine was for the iPAQ 3800 series.  I already have a cable for the iPAQ 3600/3700/3100 series.  Also there was a cigarette lighter to USB adapter for charging in the car using the sync cable.  Finally I also have the USB AC adapter that allows for charging with the cable from the wall.

Using the Cable and Chargers

The first thing I did was to sync and charge my iPAQ 3800 to my PC which worked great.  I then tested the cigarette lighter adapter and it worked fine as well.  The AC adapter worked as expected as well. I found that the AC adapter's pins are oriented so that the large end sticks out to the side of the plug.  This may be handy while using it in a regular plug however using it with a plug strip requires some planning otherwise it will cover another outlet.  I had to leave my iPAQ 3800 on in order for it to charge even though the LED on the front blinked like it was charging.  Also, the cigarette lighter and ac adapter worked with my sync and charge cable for my iPAQ 3600 as well.


I really liked the flexibility of using a sync and charge cable instead of bringing my ac adapter while traveling.  The USB cigarette lighter and ac adapter allow for the ultimate flexibility without the extra cords to charge my iPAQ wherever I go.  I was disappointed to find that the iPAQ 3800 series had to be turned on to charge.  If you leave your iPAQ on, I suggest you monitor it so you can disconnect it from the charger when it is fully charged since it will not turn off.

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