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Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Developer
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001-2002

 Version 1.12  Revised 4/4/2002

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Pocket PC 2002.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.   This page does not address hardware issues where components fail due to mishandling.  Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products. The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit. All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution

All Devices

4/4/02 All On 2002, the Attendees function of POOM does not send an email, nor does it save the appointment properly so that it is synched as a meeting, plus attendees are not synched to the desktop - Alex Kac Open Issue
4/4/02 All On 2002 SP1 only, making changes to a contact using ->Display();->Save() or any other method where you change any of the name attributes causes the FileAs field to be set to ",". - Alex Kac Open Issue
4/4/02 All In certain situations, POOM 2000/2002 will not save category info in Contacts especially, but also seen in Appointments and tasks on occasion. We THINK it happens to categories with IDs of 32 and higher. - Alex Kac Open Issue
4/4/02 All This bug is not 100% verified. We think there MAY be a bug in Appointment Note saving where notes do not get saved. This may have been a WORD alignment issue, so we are monitoring. - Alex Kac Open Issue
11/5/01 All Just wanted to let you know of a really odd bug I was having with the Pocket PC 2002 shell. It appears if you add an icon to the system tray , and have the uID member of the NOTIFYICONDATA struct as 0, it will be added to the sqstray, but the icon will not be visible. Submitted by Ian Hanschen Using any non-zero value alleviates the problem.
11/02/01 All Pocket IE's rendering of web pages with Fit to Screen enabled does not work the same as Pocket IE 2000.  The pages that used to fit correctly, have graphics, text and tables are not always rendered to look good.  See Pocket IE Fit to Screen Shots. Open Issue. It appears that the best route is to consider redesigning the web pages for better rendering.
10/30/01 All Using eMbedded Visual Basic you cannot access the POOM libraries using the Pocket PC 2002 environment. The programs just exit with no message or anything else immediately upon issuing the POOM Login command. Submitted by Mark Tirschwell. This issue is fixed with Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1
10/21/01 All Can not copy a file larger than 16 MB to the internal ram even if you have more free ram than 16 MB.  You won't see an error until 16 MB of data has been copied to it. This is a known limitation in the internal storage of the Pocket PC (Windows CE OS). The internal storage is called the Object Store and the largest file supported is 16 MB.
10/2/01 All Pocket Internet Explorer reports that it is Monzilla 3.02.  Most SSL websites are requiring Internet Explorer 4.0 or later which are reported as Monzilla 4.0 Use RegKing 2002 to change the user agent string in Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0.  This patch does NOT add any additional functionality to Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0


10/26/01 iPAQ 3800 Developer Bug in gx.dll - On the ipaq 3835 and 3870, GXIsDisplayDRAMBuffer() returns FALSE. This is incorrect.  GXIsDisplayDRAMBuffer() should return TRUE on those devices.
GXIsDisplayDRAMBuffer() should return TRUE because the address returned by GXBeginDraw() is not the address of the display frame buffer. It is the address of another RAM buffer that is then copied into the frame buffer when GXEndDraw() is called.
Submited by Tristan Savatier, Pocket TV
The workaround is to iden4ify the device and then code as if the result was true .
You can use the following values (result of clever reverse engineering :-):

You can detect the type of device with SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETOEMINFO,...);

When you detect that you run on a 3800 series, you should:
1) Assume that GXIsDisplayDRAMBuffer() returns False
2) Never call GXBeginDraw, and assume that it returns 0xac0755a0
3) Never call GXEndDraw
4) Assume that the properties are:
cxWidth = 240
cyHeight = 320
cBPP = 16
ffFormat = 168
cbyPitch = 2
cbxPitch = -640

Hewlett Packard

10/26/01 Jornada 560 Series Developer Bug. The HP Jornada 56x will spontaneously stop reporting button presses through the GAPI.
Therefore all games or applications that use the GAPI for reading button presses will stop responding to any hardware button presses.
It is not known what causes this problem. It occurs fairly often considering it is something that should never happen. In the few days I was testing an HP 568 the device exhibited this behavior after only a few days of use.
It doesn't appear to be caused by any one particular user operation.
Also the device still operates noreally and reports button presses for non-GAPI applications. Submitted by Scott Walker
Open Issue. Currently the only known solution is to perform a hard reset of the device.

Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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