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Microsoft Reader Links
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2003
 Version 1.53  Revised 7/20/2003

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Sources for Microsoft Reader Books

Looking for Reader eBooks?   Visit the The Reader eBook Directory for a complete listing!

Microsoft Reader Website
Microsoft Reader with Cleartype Demonstration
Optimizing Cleartype - ebook library, directory & reader - Browse links to how to self publish ebooks online, PLUS, ebook cover software, ebook compiler & software, pdf converter, download free ebooks, and tips on getting published online.

Ahmed Baki's Sufism and Science - Excerpts of religious books. - They now offer Pocket PC eBooks!

Baen Books - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books.

Barnes and Noble - Reader eBooks for sale.

BlackMask - A large set of public domain eBooks converted into Reader format.

BookBooters - Original Paperbacks and new eBooks - mostly fiction.

Byron's Emporium - A few eBooks including the I Have A Dream speech by Martin Luther King.

CyberRead - another eBook Retailer

CyclopsMedia - Fiction and non fiction eBooks in Reader format.  The first chapter is free and the rest of the book is $5.95.  These eBooks are compatible with the Pocket PC.

DotLit - The Book Place. Additional books for Reader.

eBookExpress - An online conversion utility for Reader eBooks.

eBookAd.comA search engine for eBooks for free and for sale.

eBook Mall - A website to purchase eBooks.

eBookNET.Com - A website with resources for eBooks in variety of formats including Reader.  Includes new original content. - Another major website with ebooks for sale.

Fictionwise - The latest fiction Reader eBooks available for sale from .50 to 2.00.  These eBooks are compatible with the Pocket PC.

Ken Mattern's eBooks - eBooks for People Who Think - A variety of 
content with new and original works. 

LiveReads - eBooks in Microsoft Reader format for sale.

Mystikeep - Original science fiction and fantasy short stories.

New Concepts Publishing - Specializing in fantasy, romance, mystery,  horror and science fiction.

Personal Injuries by Scott Turow - A current book in Microsoft Reader format.  Chapter 1 is free, the rest of the eBook is currently $10.00

PocketPCPress - This is where Doug Clapp's eBooks went. There's over 200 books here.

PocketRocketFX - You can find over 75 classic eBooks including Shakespeare, Jack London, Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc. - A famous independent retailer of books

PreviewPoint - Another eBook retailer.

Reader Books - You can find over 40 eBooks from author Jack London here.

Scorpius Digital Publishing - A source for Science Fiction/Fantasy eBooks.

Smarndache eBooks - Various poetry and logic eBooks.

SMARTpocket eBooks - Electronic versions of our military reference SMARTbooks -- by The Lightning Press.  Designed with all levels of officers,  warrants and noncommissioned officers in mind, SMARTbooks can be used as a study guides,  as lesson plans and as quick reference guides during tactical operations, training and Army professional development courses.

For use on your PC and PocketPCs, our SMARTpocket eBooks (electronic books) are topic-specific supplements (such as mission planning charts) and chapter excerpts from our SMARTbooks.

University of Virginia eBook Library - Very large library of public domain books including some classics.

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