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Windows Mobile Quick Reference Guide!
Version 2.0, Released September 10, 2008
By Chris De Herrera

English Version:

Windows Mobile Quick Reference Guide

Learn about the Windows Mobile Standard, Classic and Professional:

1. User Interface
2. Navigation
4. Customizing
5. Special Applications
6. Using the Wireless Manager
7. Setting up a Cellular data connection
8. Setting up a Wi-Fi Connection
9. Communicating with Bluetooth Devices
10. Setting up a E-Mail Account
11. Resetting Your Device
12. Support
13. Feedback

Designed specifically for the beginner.

Free for individuals!  Corporate use requires License!

Download the Windows Mobile Quick Reference Guide PDF

English Combined Version 2.0
English Professional/Classic Version 2.0
English Standard Version 2.0

License required for corporate use - contact webmaster at for details and customization options.

German Version:

Windows Mobile Quick Reference Guide

Windows Mobile Schnellreferenz Version 2.0

Einführung in Microsoft Windows Mobile:

1. Heute-Bildschirm
2. Navigation
3. Benachrichtigungen
5. Spezielle Anwendungen

6. Benutzung des Comm Managers
7. Einrichten einer Datenverbindung
8. Einrichten einer WLAN-Verbindung
9. Kommunikation per Bluetooth
10. Einrichten eines Email-Kontos

11. Rücksetzen des Gerätes
12. Unterstützung

German Combined Version 2.0
German Professional/Classic Version 2.0
German Standard Version 2.0

Special thanks to Andreas Erle for translating the Quick Reference Guide to German!

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