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Users Groups - International
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001-2003
 Version 1.06  Revised 11/9/2003

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Here is a comprehensive list of Users Groups for the Pocket PC that are International. The list includes groups for the Pocket PC exclusively as well as general PDA Users Groups that support the Pocket PC as well. Here's the Users Groups - US.

City Group Name Meeting Times & Location E-Mail Mailing List/ Discussion Group Mazingo Channel
Melbourne Melbourne Pocket PC Users Group First Wednesday of the Month [email protected]
Sydney Sydney Pocket PC Users Group Second Tuesday of the Month [email protected]
Quebec Quebec Pocket PC User Group [email protected] 
Toronto Toronto Area pocket PC Users Group [email protected]
Hong Kong Hong Kong Win CE User Group (HKWCEUG) [email protected]
Berlin Users Group Berlin/Brandenberg [email protected] 
Bremen Users Group Bremen/Bremerhaven [email protected] 
Essen, Ruhr Pocket PC/Windows CE Users Ruhr Thursday of each month at 7:30pm; Girardet-Center in Essen [email protected] 
Franken Users Group Franken/Nordbayern N�rnberg, Strandcafe Wanner am Dutzenteich [email protected] 
Frankfurt Pocket PC/Windows CE Users Rhein/Main Second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm; Kangaroos in Frankfurt  [email protected]  Yahoo Group 
K�ln, Cologne User Group K�ln [email protected]
Schweiz Pocket PC Schweiz User Group Wir werden uns in einem Restaurant in Z�rich treffen [email protected] 
Athens Athens Pocket PC Users Group Last Wednesday or Thursday of each month, at an Internet cafe in the center of Athens.  [email protected] 
Indonesian Pocket PC Users Group See Yahoo Group [email protected]  Yahoo Group
Pocket PC Users Group List  
Mexico City CB Amigos (Computadoras de Bolsillo) [email protected]
Bergen Pocket PC Group [email protected]
Amsterdam Dutch Pocket PC User Group Every 2 months. Date to be decided [email protected]
Metro Manila Pocket PC Users Philippines Tentatively every 3rd Saturday of the month - check website for details [email protected]
Pocket PC Singapore Community See Website
Bangkok Thai Pocket PC Users Group 4th Saturday of the month. See website for location [email protected] 
United Kingdom
London UK Pocket PC Users Group TBA  [email protected] 

If you know of another users group that should be listed here, please e-mail Chris De Herrera with the information. 

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