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Changes - November 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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11/27/01- Added Fitaly 3 for the Pocket PC to the Press Releases.

11/26/01- Added more bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Software Bugs and Pocket PC 2002 - Compaq Bugs.

11/25/01- Added the Connection Manager FAQ describing how Connection Manager works and my recommendations on configuring it.  Added ActiveSync Future Directions where I explain the issues and features that Microsoft should support in the future.

11/24/01- Added Synchronize the Enterprise - describes issues and possible solutions to synchronizing PIM data in the enterprise.  Added Speereo Sotware company announces the release of voice- driven application intended for use on mobile devices that support Windows CE, Hexacto announces the launch of the first game in its new Sports Addict series. Tennis Addict� is an exciting, fast-paced, and realistic tennis game for your PocketPC, Hexacto launches Bob the Pipe Fitter, a wacky new game of concentration, skill, and pipe fitting, Ectaco, Inc. Announces New Speech Recognition Product Line, SINGLETAP SELECTED BY AT&T WIRELESS TO POWER DOWNLOAD CENTER FOR POCKET PC USERS, Hand Data announces two new ActiveX controls for Pocket PC to the Press Releases.

11/20/01- Added another bug to the Pocket PC 2002 - Software list.

11/19/01- Added My First Five Years Supporting Windows CE (Bending the Ear of the Giant) - a six part article which documents the past five years of experiences with Windows CE.  As of today, I have been covering Windows CE for the past five years - right from the day it was announced! I can't believe that it's been so long!

11/18/01- Added Current Status of Communications and Networking - Documenting critical issues or features that are missing for communicating with Pocket PCs or Handheld PCs.  Added additional information to the Gapi Bug in the 3800 to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List - Developer. Added Performance Recommendations to explain ways that Microsoft or the OEMs could make faster Pocket PCs.  Also, this will help users understand why portions of their systems are slow.  Added Ergonomic Design which outlines my thoughts on how the existing designs can be improved.   Added SyncExpress to the E-Mail FAQ. Now you can synchronize Outlook Express!  Added User Interface Consistency to describe where I think the user interface is not consistent in the Pocket PC 2002.

11/15/01- Added Pocket PC 2002 SD Support.

11/14/01- Added more bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Software, Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Compaq.

11/13/01- Added Pocket Painter 1.50 released, Aidem has released Photo Explorer v1.52 and Engineering Calculator v1.12, SYWARE's PocketExtra Software Extends Capabilities of Microsoft Pocket Outlook to the Press Releases.   Added Bluei to the Bluetooth Peripherals and the iPAQ Expansion Packs.

11/12/01- Revised the Windows CE.NET (Code Name Talisker) to reflect the new .net name.  Added BrainPower CompactFlash and PC Card, TDK PC Card, 3Com PC Card to the Bluetooth Peripherals. Added the NEC MobilePro P300 to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.  Added Symbol to the Website Awards.  Added Pocket PC, Handheld PC Developer's Guide With Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic Pocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic, eMbedded Visual Basic: Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications to the Developer Books.  Added SloNet to the ISP Settings FAQ.

11/9/01- Added a new major section for Bug Lists. This section includes Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and each hardware manufacturer for each release.  Added Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Toshiba.

11/8/01- Added the Glossary to the Pocket PC Pages. Also, you can use Mazingo to subscribe as well as AvantGo to get updates!  Added QUBIX has been released, The @migo Pocket PC, Now only $399.00!, EzWAP 2.1, EZOS' micro-browser, is 'Pocket PC 2002'-ready, Grab you pen and start slurping because Slurp is finally out!, FROM MARS to MANHATTAN - Technology Enabled Clothing - SCOTT eVEST  to the Press Releases

11/7/01- Added Pocket PC 2002 3D Pictures - using Quicktime VR, I've created rotateable versions of the iPAQ 3600/3700, Casio E-200 and Jornada 565!

11/6/01- Added Animation Technologies Inc. To Ship The FlyJacket i3800 With IA Style PowerMedia Suite Software Bundle, HPC Notes, CalliGrapher, etc. prices are reduced by 20% to the Press Releases.  Added the FlyJacket and SilverSlider to the iPAQ Expansion Packs.

11/5/01- Revised the Pocket PC 2000 Bug List with workarounds or fixes. Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.  Added that Outlook 97 is no longer supported to the  ActiveSync 3.5 Review.

11/2/01- Revised the Ethernet PC Card Peripherals with a new link to the Xircom CE3 driver for Windows CE 2.0. Xircom does not offer a driver for Windows CE 2.11 or 3.0.  Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List

11/1/01- Revised Choosing A PDA to add information on the Pocket PC 2002.  Added VPN, WEP to the Glossary. Added the Pocket PC 2002 to the PC Companion Feature Comparison. Revised Managing your Menus for the Pocket PC 2002.  Added Pocket PC 2002 specific information to the Storage FAQ.

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