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Ethernet PC Cards
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1997-2003

 Version 1.80 Revised 1/18/2003

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The following Ethernet PC Cards are compatible with Windows CE and the Pocket PC. The drivers for Windows CE 2.0 are NOT compatible with 2.11 and 3.0 devices.  If you install the drivers, you must perform a backup and a complete reset to be able to install the right version.  Also, you can use a CompactFlash Ethernet card with a PC Card adapter in a PC Card slot.

Quickly Find Ethernet PC Cards at!

NE 2000 compatible PC Cards are supported by the included Ethernet Driver. Not all NE 2000 cards will work so be careful.  Some appear to work but then stop sending or receiving packets after about a minute.   You can download the shareware SBM NE2000 driver - it only asks once for the driver name!

PC Cards that Work
Before installing drivers for a different Operating System version, please read the Device Drivers FAQ
PC Card Notes LEDs Power Requirements (lower is better)
3Com 3C589 series Does not require driver name Link C, D - 50 mA, E 40 mA - Requires drivers from the web.  Supported only on the Casio Cassiopeia A20, Compaq C-Series, LG Phenom H-120 CW, NEC Mobile Pro 750C, Philips VELO 500, Sharp Mobilon HC-4100, Hitachi HPW-200EC. Only for United States version of Windows CE.  This driver does not work with the HP Jornada or the Vadem Clio.  You can install this on other versions of Windows CE - just copy the driver 3c589m.dll (mips, rename it to 3c589.dll) or 3c589.dll (sh3) to the \windows directory and enter the file name when you insert the card.
4Lan Ethernet PCMCIA
Abocom RE450 Requires Driver from Abocom Link,  Act
Abocom FE1500 Requires Driver from Abocom 10/100 Ethernet Link, 10/100, Act
Abocom FE1000MX Requires Driver from Abocom - 10/100 Ethernet Link, 100, Full, RX, TX, Col 300 mA
Accton PCMCIA Duo card model 2216 Does not require driver name 200 mA
AmbiCom AMB8002 Does not require driver name 150 mA active, 80 mA idle
AmbiCom AMB8010 wcepwrc.gif (6864 bytes) None 39 mA
CNet CN40 (Australia) Requires driver name ne2000 BNC: 200 mA typ, 240 mA max, 10baseT: 120 mA, 140 mA max
Compex LinkPort LAN Does not require driver name BNC 280mA, 10baseT 160mA
D-Link DME-650T Requires driver name ne2000 Not compatible with Windows 95. This card has been discontinued
D-Link DE-660CT Requires driver name ne2000 100 mA typical, 150 mA max, 70 mA standby
Dynalink L100C16
Dynamode PCMCIA 10M Does not require driver name 150 mA, 10baseT, 10base2
Edimax LanPro EP4000A Does not require driver name BNC and 10baseT
GVC PCM-002BT Requires driver name ne2000
Hypertec HyperNet PCMCIA Ethernet Card Requires driver name ne2000 50 mA 10baseT, 180 mA 10base2
ICCARDCT Requires driver name ne2000 Taiwanese clone - no documentation.
Kingmax PCMCIA ETHERNET CARD EN10-T2T Does not require driver name. 10baseT, 10base 2, TX/RX and Link LEDs
Kingston EtherRX IC PC Card KNE-PC2BT Does not require driver name. 10baseT 50 mA typical, 240 mA Max, 10base2, 240 mA typical, 500 mA Max
Linksys EC2T Requires driver name ne2000 220 mA, Beta Linksys Driver is available for Windows CE 2.0
Linksys Etherfast 10/100 PCM100 Requires Beta Linksys driver for Windows CE 2.0 260 mA, 60 mA sleep mode. Some users have reported problems using   this card and H/PCs with a SH3 processor.
Linksys NP10T Requires driver name ne2000 Link, Activity
MagicRam 933ETW 40 mA
NDC SOHO Instant Link ND5100 Requires driver name ne2000 90 mA
Pretec Ethernet T/2 PC Card Does not require driver name. link, rx, tx, col Active(Typical): 100mA(10BaseT), 100mA(10Base2), Active(Max): 150mA(10BaseT), 150mA(10Base2), Standby: 80mA(10BaseT), 70mA(10Base2)
Silicom SPE/PTP - Ethernet PC Card Requires provided driver from Silicom 60 mA (10baseT)
Socket EA, EA+ Ethernet Does not require driver name.  None EA 65 mA, EA+ 105 mA This card has been discontinued.
Socket LP-E, LP-E+ Low Power Ethernet wcepwrc.gif (6864 bytes) None 35 mA LP-E (10baseT), 40mA LP-E+ (10baseT, 10base2)
Socket EIO Ethernet Serial Combo Card wcepwrc.gif (6864 bytes) None 70 mA
Spirit Ethernet PCMCIA (Australia) Requires driver name ne2000 210 mA (10Base2), 50mA (10BaseT)
SMC EZNet PC Card SMC EZ Card 10 (SMC8022) Does not require driver name. Link, Activity 110 mA typical
Surecom EP-427 Does not require driver name. link, receive, transmit, collision 27mA Standby, 36-38mA Active
SVEC PN605C NE2000 Does not require driver name. 150mA, Some users have reported problems with this card.  There may be 2 different versions.
Target EP401 Does not require driver name.
TDK Grey Cell (UK) GCS2220 and GSCS2000 Requires driver name ne2000
TDK Mobile Networker WinCE Ethernet LAN PC Card wcepwrc.gif (6864 bytes) Link, Activity 45 mA (10baseT)
TrendNet TE-210CT Does not require driver name Power/Xmit, Collision, Link/Receive 10 base2 and 10 base T
Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100 CE3/CE3B Required Driver from Xircom's Website - Windows CE 2.0 only! Link, RX/TX 190 - 230mA 10 base T, 320 - 490 ma - 100 baseTX

All Ethernet cards that have the Microsoft Powered by Windows CE logo next to them are certified to work with all Windows CE devices.

Special Note:  Microsoft provides embedded developers with a driver for the Xircom CE2 in source code format only.  It is not available as a driver for any other Windows CE device.

PC Cards that are Reported Not to Work
Manufacturer Description
EigerNet PX-ET 10BT
DLink DFE-650
Dynalink L100C16
IBM Credit Card Adapter for Ethernet, P/N 0933270

IBM Ethernet II (P/N 0934315)

Gateway Gateway 2000 Ethernet Adapter BNC p/n 0933686
Maxtech PCN-2000BT
NetGear 410 10/100 Mbps
SMC EtherEZ 8020BT/T
Xircom All Cards (except CE2, CE3 and CompactCard)

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