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Pocket PC Bugs - Software
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000, 2001

 Version 1.15  Revised 11/5/2001

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Pocket PCs Software.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.  Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I review them.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products.   The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit.  All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution

All Devices

11/05/01 All When Setting Contacts>Tools>Options>Country/region, the country I live, Israel is not available. The user must setup their own dialing pattern for Israel
11/05/01 French German Italian Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish Program Button Assignment Displayed Incorrectly in Localized Versions of Pocket PC There is a workaround at Microsoft's site.
02/01/01 French, Italian On Some international versions of the Pocket PC the Tasks Today screen applet display 0 tasks when "All tasks categories" is selected. This happen when you selected a task category and then selected "All task categories" again, the Today screen then display 0 tasks, whatever your real tasks are. This is fixed by Microsoft or you can install PHM Task Fix from Philiipe Majerus.
1/22/01 All Some page numbers in Reader eBooks show up as ~ instead of the page number. Open Issue. Appears to happen in larger books more often than smaller books.  Apparently pagination is still running in the background.
12/20/00 All When you go to View, then Categories, then check one of your categories it should show you only those appointments that are part of that category. This is exactly what it does do in the daily and weekly view. When you do this in monthly view, all appointments are still shown, it does not eliminate the non-category ones.  Go to View, Categories, pick your category. Once you make your selection you go back to the monthly view. Now, go 2 months into the future, then go back to one month prior to the current month. Finally, go to the current month. Lo and behold, it works. Submitted by Drew Birrell
12/20/00 All If you create a map with pushpins in Streets & Trips 2001 (or 2000) and then export that map to Pocket Streets 2001 (or 2000) the pushpin locations shown in Pocket Streets will be off. The workaround is to create the pushpins in Pocket Streets.  Also, this is fixed in Pocket Streets 2002.
12/20/00 All When using a Pocket PC with an external keyboard, the tab button does not bring the cursor from field to field. This works fine in Pocket Excel and Word however it does not work in Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc.
12/20/00 All If MS Hearts is running on your Pocket PC you can not synchronize using the serial port. Close Hearts so you can synchronize. Hearts is using the serial port when it is open.
11/30/00 All US Only Can not synchronize with Microsoft Money 2001 Install the Money 2001 Update in your Pocket PC. Then you can sync with Money 2001.
11/30/00 All Pocket Internet Explorer reports that it is Mozilla 3.0 by design.  However, most SSL websites are requiring Internet Explorer 4.0 or later which are reported as Mozilla 4.0 Use to RegKing change the user agent string in Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0.  This patch does NOT add any additional functionality to Pocket Internet Explorer to match Internet Explorer 5.0
11/20/00 All In Reader while trying to open an eBook if you see the following error: "Error: The book format was not recognized. ID number: 024" The eBook uses DRM level 5 which the Pocket PC does not support.  This book is only readable on the desktop. 
11/20/00 All Microsoft Reader abnormally ends giving a memory location where the error occurred.  A soft reset does not resolve the problem. One of the eBooks is corrupt. Try removing all the eBooks and adding them back one at a time to find the book causing the problem.
11/4/00 All Inability to synchronize folders in Outlook for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Inbox This is by design. Microsoft chose not to support folder synchronization.
11/4/00 All Mobile Favorites stop working after 3 days. See Do Your Mobile Favorites Stop Working After a Few Days? for a workaround.
11/4/00 All The Pocket PC always turns itself on at midnight. If you had media player running when you turned your unit off, it comes to life and starts blasting your song! The Pocket PC moves the calendar to the next day and displays the new appointment list. Se Microsoft KB Article Q263719
11/4/00 All Pocket Internet Explorer does not fully support the <A></A> tag, as it ignores "bookmark" (down page) links.

For example, if a page has an index such as "A B C D E ... X Y Z" at the top, with corresponding links to locations further down the page such as <a href="#C"> C</a>, and you click on the blue underlined "C", the screen clears and redraws, but still sitting there at the top.

Open Issue  This problem does not occur with AvantGo.
11/4/00 All Devices sold in United States Only
Problem synchronizing Pocket Money with the desktop.  Sometimes Pocket Money's database is corrupted
See Money Sync Tips
11/4/00 All Can't figure out how to unmap the buttons in Media Player. Click and hold on the button assignment and the option to unmap the button is displayed in the list. This is not a bug but an unintuitive design.
10/31/00 All Media Player does not restore key assignments when it goes in the background, causing problems with other programs and with the SIP There are advantages to not mapping the buttons so you can control Media Player while in another program.  This behavior should be optional though.  This has been resolved in Windows Media Player 7.0 or later.
10/31/00 All Media Player does not allow you to assign the play/pause toggle command to a hardware button Open Issue
10/31/00 All Media Player [and the OPEN FILE standard dialog] only looks inside ONE level of folders under My Documents This is by design.  Windows Media Player 7.0 scans the whole drive.
10/31/00 All Media Player requires audio files to be stored in a My Documents directory on flash cards.  It will not find audio files in the root or other directories Open Issue
10/31/00 All Initialization for a connection string that is bigger like 40 characters, this is maximum that I can write in �Connection settings�, in �Extra Dial-String modem commands�. The 40 character limitation is the buffer size of some modems. Microsoft chose to limit their buffer size to this to be compatible with these modems.
10/29/00 All Adding an additional IMAP4 connection to Inbox removes the icon for the folder of the ActiveSync mail. Just click where the icon would be and you can access the folders. For Casio EM-500, E-125 users , download the Inbox Update.
10/31/00 iPAQ Pocket PC and Jornada 54x iPAQ Pocket PC and Jornada 54x
Daylight Savings bug. The alarm I had set went off an hour early this morning when it should have rolled over to daylight savings the previous day. The alarm also went off an hour later - at the correct time! Occurred with users in the European time zones
Open Issue

Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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