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By Chris De Herrera 
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Changes - October 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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10/31/01- Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.  Added October News About Games..., MonkeyMessenger PPC to the Press Releases.

10/30/01- Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.  Revised VEI Internet information on the ISP Settings - US.

10/29/01- Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.  Added ATT Globalnet to the ISP Settings - US.  Added iPrimus Canada to the ISP Settings - International.

10/26/01- Added multiple additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List. Added Sensate Inc. Announces Wireless MP3 Server for MacOS, Pocket Informant 2.6 Released!, CLC DAYBOOK 2002 for Pocket PC to the Press Releases.

10/25/01- Added Mobile Clothing with reviews of the Scott eVest and Dockers Mobile Pants. Changed Talisker to Windows CE.NET in the Versions FAQ.  Added the new Socket Communications CF Wireless LAN Card to the CompactFlash Wireless LAN Peripherals.  Added Socket Launches Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card to the Press Relea3es.   CEWindoss.NET is rated #2 for Pocket PC FAQ Websites behind Microsoft added to the AwardsSide Note - That means CEWindows.NET is #1 outside of Microsoft as a totally independent voice on Pocket PC FAQs!

10/24/01- Added the Siemens SX45 Review by Mark Elliott.  Added PocketLANce vs. Pocket PC 2002 by John Maty. Added SyncExpress 1.0 released, POCKET PC SUMMIT - Thank You For Making The First Pocket PC Summit A Success! to the Press Releases

10/23/01- Added multiple bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.   Added Pocket QuickView 2.0 Official Release, Penton Technology Media Launches POCKETPC NEW YORK Conference and Exhibition As Part of Comprehensive PocketPC Initiatives, Strategic Assault released. Real time strategy game, Visual Byte Announces ICon Ship 1.0 For Pocket PC Developers Using eVB 3.0 to the Press Releases

10/22/01- Added multiple bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List.  Revised pricing for PCE 2000 and Times2Tech, added iPAQ 3700 upgrades to the Ram Upgrades  Added Touch Screens to the Repairs FAQ.  Added CEWire to the News Feeds - now you can read  headlines from InfoSync, Moreover and CEWire all at once!  Added the Dynalink L100C16 as incompatible to the PC Card Ethernet Peripherals page.  Added Socket 10/100 CF and Pharos PECF100, Billionton CFLT-10, CFLT2-10, Be Interactive GateNet MicroLan  to the CompactFlash Ethernet Peripherals page.  Added Pharos PFM-56 and Socket 56k modem, Billionton CF56R, CF56RT  to the CompactFlash Modem Peripherals page.  Added that the iPAQ is compatible with the URThere Camera to the CompactFlash Camera peripherals.  Added CompactFlash Barcode Scanners, CompactFlash Mag Stripe Readers, and, CompactFlash Serial Cards to the Peripherals.  Added BlueEasy to the Bluetooth Peripherals.

10/19/01- Added screen shots of Pocket Mac for OS X to the Pocket Mac Preview.  Added a Pocket PC Summit page with pictures and 3 Quicktime VR Videos!

10/18/01- Revised the Protocols FAQ to include information on the Pocket PC 2002 and fix an error with the default IP addresses for connections.  Revised the Network Troubleshooting to include Pocket PC 2002 specific information.  Added CalliGrapher 6.01 has been released!, LandWare, Inc. releases Shanghai - Pocket Essentials for Pocket PC, Portable Internet Introduces GPS Port@ble Navigator to the Press Releases.  Added additional bugs to the Pocket PC 2002 Bug List

10/17/01- Added a Pocket Mac Preview with a video of Pocket Mac in Action!

10/16/01- Added CNetX Flash Format supports Pocket PC 2002, PLAYOBJECT LAUNCH REALTIME 3D PUZZLE-ACTION GAME FOR POCKET PC, Parascript Pen&Internet and UR There Partner to Provide Pocket PC with Wireless-Ready Handwriting and Illustration Capabilities, Aidem has released version 1.20 of Pocket Assistant to the Press Releases.

10/15/01- Updated the Ram Upgrades with new pricing from PalmPilot Upgrades.   Added a review of the PCE2000 / Times2Tech iPAQ RAM Upgrade.  Revised the Pocket PC 2002 Bug list info on the Jornada Dust.  Added the Philips Nino 300 Telephone Connectivity Kit Software for English, French, and German to the Philips Software.

10/14/01- Updated the Awards page to add the Pocket PC Community Outstanding Achievement Award I received at the Pocket PC Awards.

10/10/01- I'm sure you've been wondering what I am doing... I have been setting up the internet and wireless LAN for the Pocket PC Summit.  If you're going to the Pocket PC Summit, I will see you there!

10/5/2001 - Added pictures of the Pocket PC 2002 - iPAQ 3800, Toshiba, Intermec, Casio and Symbol to the Pocket PC 2002 Pictures.  Added Toshiba e570 to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.

10/4/2001 - Microsoft launches the Pocket PC 2002!  Added the Casio E-200 to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.  Added a picture of the Casio E-200 to the Pocket PC 2002 Pictures.  Added a list of applications that you can install in ram to the Pocket PC 2002 Upgrades.

10/3/2001 - Added message boards from CEWindows.NET to allow users to discuss articles and issues.

10/2/2001 - Added Pocket PC 2002 Bugs and Hewlett Packard Jornada 568 Dust Bug.  Added 3 AnyCom Bluetooth cards to the Bluetooth Cards.  Added info on RegKing 2002 - 29 Hacks for the Pocket PC 2002!

10/1/2001 - Added USA Today "Put these Websites in your PocketPC" to the Awards.  Added POCKET PC SUMMIT - Mitch Kupchak Of The Los Angeles Lakers To Preseft At The Pocket PC Summit to the Press Releases.

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