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Pocket LANce vs. Pocket PC 2002
By John Maty Copyright 2001 
Version 1.00  Revised 10/24/2001

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In October, two software products providing LAN browsing functionality on Pocket PCs were released. These products are the new operating system Pocket PC 2002 from Microsoft and a compact networking application PocketLANce developed by Cresotech, Inc.

Pocket PC 2002 brings a number of enhancements and improvements such as increased device security, new Windows XP styled interface, enhanced readability and display quality. A key place among these new features occupies the capability of corporate network access. This long awaited functionality allows users to access corporate network, to use File Explorer the same way as on desktop PC to browse, locate, and download files directly from network servers.

The only disappointment is that no other PDAs but iPAQs support the upgrade to Pocket PC 2002 because they use Flash ROM, have sufficient memory, and run ARM-based processors. This means that owners of first-generation HP and Casio Pocket PCs will be out of luck and may have a hard time finding software for their SH3- and MIPS-powered PDAs.

A friend of mine, who owns a little retail company, was pretty discouraged when he learned that he couldn�t upgrade Cassiopeia�s of his employees to Pocket PC 2002. It was especially disappointing because he hoped to take advantage of the new operating system key feature: corporate network access capability.

The solution came in the form of Cresotech PocketLANce. This compact and smart networking software by Cresotech, Inc. allows Pocket PC users to browse and manage LAN resources on their PDA devices. This application provides a unique easy-to-use option of locating, retrieving and moving/copying network files via conventional ActiveSync connection, network card or even mobile phone/modem. The most attractive thing about this software is ability to browse the enterprise LAN wirelessly. This feature is especially useful to employees on-the-go, enabling them to remotely access up-to-date information on stock status, to check out the latest prices or submit to office transaction details, etc.

Thus Cresotech PocketLANce is the cost-effective and efficient mobile networking solution for current pool of Pocket PCs that run SH3/MIPS-processors and cannot be upgraded to Pocket PC 2002 operating system.

PocketLANce trial version and full details are available at:

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