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Pocket PC 2002 Upgrades
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Revised 10/4/2001

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The following OEMs have announced the ability for their Pocket PCs to upgrade to the next generation of Pocket PC 2002, code name Merlin. 

Applications not included in flash upgrade:

Application/Feature Available?
Spell checker for Word or Inbox No
MSN Messenger Yes - ram install
Microsoft Reader Yes - ram install
Windows Media Player 8.0 Yes - ram install
WAP Support Yes - ram install
Transcriber Yes - ram install
Terminal Server Client Yes - ram install

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC 3100 and 3600 series - Notes on the upgrade.  Compaq has only released a 16 mb flash upgrade for the iPAQ.  It is $29.95 to purchase it.  It is free for customers that purchase their device between 9/6/01 and 10/4/01.  There is no support for a 32 mb flash image even though some devices have a 32 mb flash.  This is to treat all customers the same.  Futher some applications are not included in flash.  So far this includes spell checking in Word,  Reader, Windows Media Player, WAP support.

URThere @migo PD-600

Other Pocket PC Upgrades

There are no upgrades for the Casio Cassiopeia or Hewlett Packard Jornada Pocket PCs. The Pocket PC 2002 requires a StrongARM CPU and a flash rom.  The flash rom is required to support the upgrades.

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