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Pocket PC 2002 FAQ
Code Name Merlin

By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved.
Revised 8/15/2001

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The next generation of Pocket PCs is coming!  This FAQ will help explain what's coming as soon as it's public. 

What is Merlin?

Merlin is the code name for the next generation of Pocket PC called Pocket PC 2002. Microsoft has not announce Merlin yet so the details of what Merlin is are not public yet.

What version of Windows CE does it use?

Merlin uses Windows CE 3.0.  By now you may have heard of Talisker, the next version of Windows CE.  Merlin does not use Talisker as it's core operating system.

When will the Pocket PC 2002 Ship?

Right now Microsoft and the OEMs are working on shipping by October 4th when the Pocket PC 2002 hardware is announced. 

Can I upgrade?

Some manufactures have announced that their existing Pocket PCs can be upgraded.  See Pocket PC 2002 Upgrades for details.

Where can I read More?

You can read more about Merlin through other articles.  Please keep in mind that these articles may not be completely accurate since Merlin has not been announced.

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