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Changes - July 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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7/31/2001 - Added The @MIGO Pocket PC is now $499.00!, Announcing Photo Explorer, a new software program for Pocket PC to the News/Press ReleasesAdded Merlin FAQ, Merlin Upgrades and Merlin Articles.

7/30/2001 - Added Palm's Split - Can They Do It?   Added Sprint PCS's ISP to the Cellular FAQ.  Added Pocket PC size pages for the Press Releases.  Look for more Pocket PC size pages in the future!  Added Pocket Relaxer 3 Available, SYWARE Database Tools Support Casio Pocket PC to the News/Press Releases.

7/29/2001 - Added information on logging into Exchange to the E-Mail FAQ.

7/27/2001 - Updated the E-Mail FAQ with more information on programs that sync with different PIMs.

7/26/2001 - Added information on the BackPAQ, Whitney CF, PC Card and Dual PC Card sleeves to the iPAQ Expansion Pack FAQ.

7/25/2001 - Added  a iPAQ Expansion Pack FAQ which lists all the known expansion packs and their features.  Added the LANEscape XI-800 to the 802.11b Wireless LAN CompactFlash Cards.  Added BBView Update - now with limited support for viewing PDF files, Loan Calculator 1.1 to the News/Press Releases.

7/24/2001 - Added  CATAPULT CREATIVE GROUP, LLC LAUNCHES NEW MEDIA CREATION WEBSITE FOR WEB AND POCKET PC DEVICES, Socket�s Complete Bluetooth Product Qualified, POCKET PC SUMMIT - Intel's Peter Green To Keynote At The First Pocket PC Summit, Ectaco Launches New Polish-language Website with e-shop:, Omnytex Technologies on 8/23/2001 is proud to present Electro v1.0  to the News/Press Releases.

7/23/2001 - Added  Interaccess to the ISP Settings FAQ.  Added a link to the Web Browser FAQ for Pocket Animator a Flash Development Tool that runs on the Pocket PC!  Added mySYWARE Adds New Database Applications to Freeware Library for Pocket PCs to the News/Press Releases.

7/22/2001 - Added the YLez INLink 2001 802.11b PC C Card to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards.   Added a Network Troubleshooting FAQ to help users get connected with their Ethernet, 802.11 or Proxim network.  Added Pocket Hosts, PicoWeb Server to the Network Utilities FAQ.

7/21/2001 - Added Catamount Software's PocketMoney Version 1.0.5 Now Available to the News/Press Releases.

7/20/2001 - Added the zLez CF-2002 CompactFlash 802.11b card to the 802.11 Wireless LAN CompactFlash Cards.

7/19/2001 - Added Pocket Painter, a new image processing and painting software for Pocket PC is announced in July to the News/Press Releases.

7/18/2001 - Added POCKET PC SUMMIT - Registrations Are Now Open For The First Pocket PC Trade Show & Conference, Socket Now Shipping Bluetooth Evaluation Kit for Embedded System Developers, BVRP Software has just released a new version of WinPhone Pocket (v3.1) to the News/Press Releases.

7/17/2001 - Added Java Coding on the Jornada 720 to the FAQs on the Developer Links Added a Virus FAQ with information on possible issues for users.

7/16/2001 - Added MULTIMETEOR ANNOUNCES THE POCKET PC SUMMIT, THE FIRST TRADE SHOW AND CONFERENCE DEDICATED TO THE POCKET PC, Cresotech PocketPoint - Photo Gallery In Your Pocket, Catamount Software's PocketMoney For Pocket PC Version 1.0.4 Now Available, Pocket Informant 2.5.11 released to the News/Press Releases.   Added Developer Tools and Perl to the Developer Links.  Added info on better e-mail support via nPOP to the Pocket PC Protocol Summary and E-Mail FAQ.  Added Nakka, Pocket Links and CompactEdition to the Other Information on Windows CE.  Added ChoiceNet Connections to the ISP Settings FAQ - US.

7/15/2001 - Added a comprehensive list of Users Groups for Pocket PCs to the Getting Started section.  Revised the Getting Started article to include information on the Users Groups and Storage.

7/13/2001 - Added more info on the iPAQ and Jornada ram upgrades from PalmPilotUpgrades and Times2Tech and e2000 upgrades for iPAQ 3100 and flash rom to 32 MB to the RAM Upgrade FAQ.  Added Times2Tech's stylus repair to the Repairs FAQ.

7/12/2001 - Added Pocket Relaxer 2.0 to the News/Press Releases.

7/11/2001 - Added info on the NEC Mobile Pro 790 and more info on the processors to the Handheld PC 2000 Comparison.  Added Developer Links - lots of links to multiple languages.

7/9/2001 - Added the Symbol PPT 2800 and PPT 8100 to the Pocket PC - Ruggedized Comparison.

7/8/2001 - Added a new Search engine - now you can find answers to your questions more easily by keyword, date, etc!  Please, before e-mailing me, use the Search. Added to the RAM Upgrades - they offer a 64 MB upgrade for $99!  Added Pocket PC, Handheld PC Developer's Guide With Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic, Programming MSMQ on the Pocket PC, Programming Microsoft Windows CE, Second Edition to the Developer Books.

7/7/2001 - Added Ectaco International, Inc. has released two new translators, With EzWAP 2.1, EZOS is offering more than just a WAP micro-browser - here comes the first Secure Mobile Internet client, New Calc98 Version 5 for Windows and Windows CE - popular Windows calculator can now be carried in your Pocket PC, PocketExpense Pro ver 2.0 just released, PocketTV 0.5.2 released to the News/Press Releases.  Added comments to the Managing your Menus about the Menu applet.  Added links to all the Nokia drivers to the Cellular Peripherals.

7/4/2001 - Added Managing your Menus to allow you to add folders to the Start menu and show up to 8 recently run applications.

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