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Pocket PC Protocol Summary
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001, 2002
 Version 1.06  Revised 10/10/2002

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I see that users want to know what protocols that the Pocket PC 2000 and 2002 supports. I created this table to describe what protocols are supported and what is not supported.  If you want specific information on how TCP/IP and WINS are implemented on the Pocket PC, please read my Network Protocols FAQ.

Sections: Inbox, Networking, Web Browser

Feature Pocket PC 2000 In Rom Pocket PC 2002 In Rom 3rd Party Notes


html e-mail Yes Yes n/a  
Attachments Yes Yes n/a  
IMAP4/POP3/SMTP Support Yes Yes n/a  
User Defined POP3/SMTP Port No No Yes Some companies use non-standard ports for e-mail
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for IMAP4/POP3/SMTP No No Yes Requires STunnel, tested on IMAP4 should work on POP3/SMTP
Secure Password Authentication (SPA) No Yes Yes Required for MSN e-mail access
SMTP Authentication No Yes Yes Some ISPs use this to secure sending e-mail
Digital Certificates with e-mail No No No  
ActiveSync Folder Sync No Yes, Inbox No  
IMAP4 Folder Sync No Yes No  
POP before SMTP No No Yes Workaround - Perform 2 receive e-mail requests in a row


Socks Proxy Client No Yes, version 4 & 5 No Required to access the internet through some proxy servers such as the Microsoft Proxy Server
Winsock Proxy Client No Yes No Required to access the internet through some proxy servers
Wins broadcasts No No No Required to find hosts other than the WINS servers
DNS Client Yes Yes n/a Can be used for synchronization
Network Client No Yes, File Explorer No Required to access file and print sharing
Terminal Server Client No Yes Yes From Handheld PC, Pro
Citrix Client No No Yes From Palm-size PC
Networking Utilities No No Yes  
Dial up Scripting No No Yes Required to connect to some ISPs and corporate networks
PPP PAP Authentication Yes Yes n/a  
PPP CHAP Authentication Yes Yes n/a  
PPP MS-Chap Authentication Yes Yes n/a  
PPP Password encryption - MD5 Yes Yes n/a  
PPP data stream encryption No No No  
Virtual Private Network (VPN) No Yes Yes  
Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) No Yes No  
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) No No No Interferes with synchronizing using Ethernet if installed on the desktop
SLiP Yes Yes n/a  
Telnet No No Yes  
FTP No No Yes  
Bluetooth No No Yes  
Ethernet Yes Yes Yes DIX, Ethernet II
Token Ring No No No  
IrDA (Infrared) Yes Yes n/a  
Root Certificates Yes Yes    

Web Browser - Pocket Internet Explorer

128 bit encryption No Yes Yes You can test which version you have at Fortify
Version Number IE 3.02 IE 3.02 IE 5.5 Required to access some secure websites
Java Virtual Machine No No Yes Insigina  Software Jeode
JavaScript Yes, 1.1 Yes, 1.2 n/a  
Visual Basic Script No No No  
HTTP Put No No No Required to upload files to the internet
HTTP Proxy Yes Yes n/a Required to access the internet through some proxy servers such as the Microsoft Proxy Server

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