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Changes - March 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2002

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3/31/02 - Updated the Las Vegas Pocket PC Users Group on the Users Groups. Added Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition to the Versions FAQ. Added a link to the notes on how to synchronize with the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card to the Bluetooth PC Card FAQ.  Added a link to the Compaq Bluetooth Driver update to the Bluetooth FAQ and iPAQ Expansion Packs.

3/27/02 - Added the Compex Infrared Wireless Access Point Review,  and Flak Jacket PC Card Case Review.  I tweaked the Newsgroups and the Pocket PC format Newsgroups to tell the browser to cache them.  Previously each request for each page went back to the newsgroup server.  They should now be a little faster.

3/26/02 - Revised the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs -Developer - 1 bug fixed by Service Pack 1.

3/25/02 - Added a reference to The Standard in the Website Awards.

3/24/02 - Added a signature field to the Newsgroups and the Pocket PC format Newsgroups.

3/22/02 - Added the Compaq CompactFlash Sleeve Quick Review.

3/21/02 - Added the Avlarion SA-PC DS11 as compatible and moved the SA-PCR Pro-11 as incompatible to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards.  Added the Compaq GPRS/GSM Phone Sleeve Quick Review, and Compaq PC Card Sleeve Quick Review.

3/20/02 - Added the Siemens Speedstream to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards.

3/19/02 - Added the meeting location for the Washington Area Pocket PC Users Group to the Users Groups - US.

3/18/02 - Added Hawaii Pocket PC Users Group to the Users Groups - US. Revised the Bluetooth Peripherals into Bluetooth CompactFlash, and Bluetooth PC Cards.  Added new terms Bluetooth,  SSL, XDA and WDA to the Glossary.

3/13/02 - Added Newsgroup access in German.  Added newsgroup access formatted for the Pocket PC in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

3/12/02 - Added, to the Newsgroups.  Added Pocket PC Newsgroup access in French, Spanish and Italian.

3/9/02 - Added Soccer Addict Review.  I'm now on my way to Hannover, Germany for Möbius and CeBIT!

3/8/02 - Added Pocket PC formatted access to the Newsgroups!

3/7/02 - Added the Rebound Review by Allen Gall.

3/5/02 - The next Event I will be at is Möbius in Europe and CeBIT.

3/4/02 - Here is the presentation I made at SISCTI in Monterrey, Mexico - The World as seen by Pocket PC

3/1/02 - Today I am traveling to Monterrey, Mexico to speak tomorrow at SISCTI about the Pocket PC.

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