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Changes - March 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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3/30/2001 - Added TSSizer - size up your server for Terminal Server to the Applications.  Added the DreamMax 700 to the Handheld PC 2000 Comparison and Handheld PC 2000 Pictures.

3/29/2001 - Added StopTime 2.0 is a freeware combination stopwatch, 4-way programmable timer, alarm clock, memo reminder and flashlight to the News/Press Releases.

3/28/2001 - Updated the Intermec 70 information on the Pocket PC Comparison. Split the Pocket PC Rugged Comparison from the Pocket PC Comparison   Added Went Retro Today by Brian Keener - Get his thoughts on going back to Palm after using a Pocket PC!

3/27/2001 - Added a CompactFlash Camera Comparison.

3/26/2001 - Added Kingston InvisiNet, moved DLink since it works with Compaq drivers in the 802.11 Wireless LAN ConfigurationAdded a list of compatible storage cards to the CompactFlash Storage FAQAdded purchasing links to the CompactFlash Modems and Ethernet CompactFlash CardsAdded Casio and Viking 56k modems to the CompactFlash ModemsAdded Iomega PC Card Clik Drive to the Other Storage FAQAdded the Mitsubishi Trium Mondo, Sagem WA 3050, and Siemens MultiMobile to the Pocket PC Phone Comparison and Pocket PC Phone Pictures - New Pocket PCs with built in cellular capabilities!  Added the ASUS AH100 to the Handheld PC 2000 Comparison. Added Version 1.20 of CNetX Flash Format is now available for download, QuickQuotes Today Screen plugin released, MultiIE 1.0 Released - Multiple IE Windows on Pocket PC to the News/Press Releases.

3/23/2001 - Added ParallelGraphics launches a new beta version of Pocket Cortona, the world's first 3D viewer for mobile and next generation wireless devices, Lucent Technologies and Odyssey Software Collaborate to Demonstrate Streaming Audio Capabilities at CTIA 2001 to the News/Press Releases  Added the Jornada 710 to the Handheld PC 2000 Comparison.

3/21/2001 - Added the HP Jornada 525 to the Pocket PC Comparison and Pocket PC Pictures.  Added the Netgear 410 as incompatible to the Ethernet PC Cards. Added  Scarybear Software announces PowerLevel version 2.4 to the News/Press Releases.

3/20/2001 - Added Iomega PocketZip Drive Compatible With New Compaq iPAQ Dual PC Card Expansion Pack, POCKET PRESENCE, IN COOPERATION WITH NEWMAD TECHNOLOGIES, LAUNCHES THE SOFTWARE "RUNNING VOICE GSM" to the News/Press Releases.

3/19/2001 - Added New Version of XT-CE (version 2.51) is Now Available to the News/Press Releases.

3/18/2001 - Added Socks, Winsock and HTTP Proxy information to the Pocket PC Protocol Summary.

3/17/2001 - Added Pocket PC Protocol Summary to describe all the Inbox, Networking and Web Browser Protocols that are supported or not supported.  Microsoft has released a list of fixes included in the iPAQ Rom Upgrade.  I do not know if or when other OEMs will release this.  Added the NEC MobilePro 790 to the H/PC 2000 Comparison.

3/16/2001 - Removed MainStreet Networks from the H/PC 2000 Comparison and the H/PC 2000 Upgrade. They are not using the H/PC 2000 software to upgrade the Clio. They have decided to use the Windows CE Platform Builder instead.  Added the Intermec P70 to the Pocket PC Comparison.

3/15/2001 - Added RegKing v1.6 with the ability to change font sizes, font name and add bold or italic! Added mov Software announces beta of JabberCE  - Unified Messaging Client to the News/Press Releases.

3/14/2001 - Added DDH Software's HanDBase announcement for the Pocket PC to the News/Press Releases.  Added Buffalo AirStation Wireless LAN card, Z-Com LanEscape to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration

3/12/2001 - Added Ectaco International, Inc. Launches translation software for Pocket PCs to the News/Press ReleasesAdded a review of the Intermec 6651 by Charles P. Findlay.  Added the Intermec 6651 to the H/PC 2000 Comparison.  Added PocketSoft Announces abcDB Database to the News/Press Releases

3/11/2001 - Added Pocket PC Game Programming: Using the Windows CE Game API to the Application Programming Books.  Added Books-A-Million to all Books.  Added information on optimizing to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration.  Added OF and Tenbit to the ISP Settings - International. New Ink Spot CE Version Released - News/Press Releases

3/10/2001 - Added new iPAQ Models,  StandardTime to the News/Press Releases.  Added iPAQ 3635, 3670, 3135 to the Pocket PC Comparison.

3/9/2001 - Added Ambicom Air2Net to the Bluetooth FAQ.

3/7/2001 - Added Ambicom Wave2Net, more information on Cisco Aironet and Linksys to the 802.11 PC Cards.

3/5/2001 - Added Book Booters to the Reader eBooks Links.  Added MobiPocket ad eBookExpress to the Reader eBooks Conversion Tools..

3/4/2001 - Added New Media 56k Netsurfer to the CompactFlash Modems.  Added New Media LiveWire 10bt to the Ethernet CompactFlash Cards. Added Books Section and Pocket PC Books. Revised the 802.11 PC Cards - Intel now offers Pocket PC Drivers.

3/3/2001 - Created a Reader eBooks section to better organize all the information on Microsoft Reader eBooks.

3/2/2001 - Added new ReaderStudio beta, Scorpius Digital Publishing to the Microsoft Reader eBooks.

3/1/2001 - Added a Casio EG-800 Review by Justin Yu.

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