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Microsoft Reader Conversion Tools
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000, 2001
 Version 1.48  Revised 3/5/2001

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Microsoft Reader Download Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader is available on the Pocket PC and you can download it for the desktop.  Microsoft has not announced plans to offer a version for Palm-size PCs or Handheld PCs. Feel free to e-mail your request to Microsoft for additional versions at [email protected].

How to Create Microsoft Reader eBooks

A Quick Guide to Making Microsoft Reader Books
Palm Doc to E-Book Conversion
Microsoft Self Publish Information

Reader eBook Converters Download FREE ReaderWorks Standard

eBookExpress.comeBookExpress - Create your own Reader eBooks using this website utility. Does not require any additional software to be installed and supports cover graphics.  Free! 
Reader Studio
- Create your own Microsoft Reader eBooks with Cover Graphics for free!  (Beta 2), By Michael Roemer
- Create your own Microsoft Reader Content
Microsoft Word 2000 Reader Add-in - Create eBooks from Word!
MobiPocket - Now MobiPocket's eBook converter supports pictures and covers in .LIT format.

Downloading Reader eBooks

There is a problem with using Netscape to download Reader eBooks.  Netscape defaults to downloading the Reader eBooks as text instead of binary files.  This corrupts the books and makes them unusable on the desktop or Pocket PC.  Internet Explorer users are able to download the Reader eBooks without a problem.  In the short run, you may want to use Internet Explorer to download Reader eBooks to avoid the problem. 

For websites that offer Reader eBook downloads, you need to add mime binary support for .LIT files.  An example of how to do this for Apache web servers is to use "add AddType reader/x-lit .lit" in the .htaccess file in your root directory.

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