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Changes - April 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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4/30/2001 - Added 15 eBooks to the Reader eBook Directory including many from Lantern Books and others.  Added Velo 1 and Velo 500 modem drivers the the Philips Velo and Nino Software.

4/27/2001 - Philips has discontinued the Velo and Nino websites.  Their applications and drivers are still available here on CEWindows.NET.

4/26/2001 - Added HPC Notes 3.07 Service Pack 1, PPCInstall Setup Utility for eVb to the News/Press ReleasesAdded CDPD Connectivity to the Peripherals. Revised Wireless FAQ to refer to CDPD Connectivity and Cellular Connectivity for hardware.

4/25/2001 - Added  a  link explaining how to upgrade the flash and ram on the iPAQ to the RAM UpgradeAdded New dictionary technology for Pocket PC. German-English-German, French-English-French and other dictionaries for Pocket PC have been released! and Battery Monitor and System Info to the News/Press Releases

4/24/2001 - Added Otenet to the ISP Settings FAQ - International.

4/23/2001 - Added Casio Programs, Drivers and Manuals for discontinued Cassiopeias with special permission from Casio.  Added info on optimizing your access point to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration.  Added the Hawking CF686TX 10/100 to the Ethernet CompactFlash Cards. Added to the ISP Settings FAQ.   Added Synchronizing with CDPD by Andrej Falout to explain how to sync without a DNS or WINS!

4/21/2001 - Added Developer Information which includes the Developer FAQ, ActiveSync Keys, Homemade Asset Management with the iPAQ, etc.

4/20/2001 - Added the Developer FAQ courtesy of Terence Goggin of Information Appliance Associates. Added IOMEGA ADDS 1GB MICRODRIVE(tm) TO PRODUCT OFFERING to the News/Press Releases.

4/19/2001 - Added Pocket Innovations GraphIt 1.5 Released!! to the News/Press Releases.

4/18/2001 - Added a RAM Upgrade page for users looking to upgrade their Pocket PCs.  Added LandWare, Inc. announces OmniSolve for Pocket PC platform, GREENWICH INSTRUMENTS RELEASES NEW IN-CAR GPS SOLUTION FOR POCKET PC to the News/Press ReleasesAdded Homemade Asset Management with the iPAQ (for Developers).

4/17/2001 - Revised the SH3 cache on the Pocket PC Comparison.  Revised the Vr4181 cache on the Pocket PC Ruggedized Comparison.  Added Release of VBRegFix V2.0 - lets VB apps run after an uninstall to the News/Press Releases.

4/16/2001 - Added the NetworkEverywhere NP10T to the Ethernet FAQ.  Added Pocket Database 3.6 Released! to the News/Press Releases.

4/13/2001 - Added PocketTV for Handheld PC to the News/Press Releases.

4/12/2001 - Added LizardTech CE Viewer Public Preview, Arcane Corporation has just released a new Pocket PC utility to the News/Press Releases. Updated version of TSSizer - for Sizing your Terminal Server for the Palm-size PC and the Pocket PC.

4/11/2001 - Added Data on the Run and Copy/Text Announced, ezyUnZIP - it's Free! Pocket PC Tools up and running! to the News/Press ReleasesAdded a Talisker FAQ - Short Answer - No you can't run it on your Pocket PC!  

4/10/2001 - Added FirstFilter beta 0.1 released to the News/Press ReleasesRevised Earthlink's e-mail servers on the ISP Settings - US.  Added links to Amazon in the Cellular Connectivity.

4/9/2001 - Added Cellular Connectivity to the Peripherals.  Added Launches Search Engine for Wireless-Friendly Web Sites, Visual CE with mEnable Combines Intuitive Database Development for Pocket PC's with Real-Time Wireless Access to Server Data, Ansyr Delivers Growing Family of Software; PDF Handheld Software Leader Rolls Out New Products at Seybold Seminars, Expands Coverage to Include Wireless Modems to the News/Press Releases.

4/7/2001 - Added the SMC 2632W and Netgear MA401 to the Wireless LAN PC Cards. Added Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE to the Embedded Development Books.

4/6/2001 - Added the Samsung MagicLAN to the Wireless LAN PC Cards.  Added PHM Registry Editor 0.5 is available, Pocket Database has been updated to Version 3.5!  to the News/Press Releases.

4/5/2001 - Added Okanagan Entrepreneur Fills a Niche. Screen Protectors for a Great Price to the News/Press Releases.

4/4/2001 - Added more info on the Sagem WA-3050 to the Pocket PC Phone Comparison.  Added Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Album 1.2 for Pocket PC,PDA Center: Subscribe to Their Newsletter, Get Free Advertising Space, HP Launches Consumer Education Program for PDA Buyers, Reaches Agreement with FTC Regarding Ads to the News/Press Releases.

4/3/2001 - Added Loan Calculator for Pocket PC, HPC Notes 3.07 Professional, Standard, Palm OS, Desktop, and Lite Editions are now available, ScorePad 4.0 released for the Pocket PCto the News/Press Releases.

4/2/2001 - Added Pocket Innovations Releases GraphIt 1.0, Hand Data Inc. announced today the release of HD Signature to the News/Press Releases.  Added LiveReads to the Microsoft Reader Links.

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