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CDPD Connectivity
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
Version 1.00    Revised: 4/26/2001

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This FAQ covers the different hardware that can be used to connect to a CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) network.  I highly recommend that you look at the coverage maps for CDPD before purchasing hardware.

CDPD Connectivity

Peripheral Form Factor Notes
Novatel Minstrel 540 Sled for Jornada 540 Series Includes built-in battery pack for extended wireless use.
Novatel Wireless Contact Handheld PC 2.0 with built-in CDPD Discontinued
Novatel Wireless Sage Serial Requires a serial cable to connect to your PC Companion. It uses the AT command set to connect to the CDPD network
Novatel Wireless Merlin PC Card, Type II Power: Transmit 850mA, Receive 150 mA, Sleep 25 mA
Compatible with Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, and CE (Pocket PC) as well as Mac
Sierra AirCard 300 CE PC Card Type II Power: Transmit 500 mA typical, 650 mA max, Sleep 2 mA

2 Packages - Handhelds only and Handhelds and Notebooks

Inet Spider II PC Card, Type II Supports 9x, NT, unknown availability
NextCell Pocket Spider  CompactFlash, Type I (Does extend outside slot) Supported in the Casio Cassiopeias
Built-in battery pack

Power: Transmit 900 mA, Receive 250 mA  

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