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Changes - September 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2002

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9/28/02 - Added the DLink DWL-650+ as incompatible to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards.

9/27/02 - Added supported desktop operating systems to the ActiveSync Versions FAQ. Microsoft is looking for feedback on the Windows CE and Pocket PC Developer Newsgroups.

9/26/02 - Added Using the Pocket PC Phone Edition with Cingular GPRS which explains how to use the T-Mobile Pocket PC (once it is unlocked) with Cingular!  Added another issue with Guest Mode to the ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide.

9/25/02 - Updated the Compaq WL-100 Driver Installation to clarify how to upgrade from the WL-100 driver to the Intersil driver.

9/24/02 - Added an item about Notes and fixed the RegSVR32 command in ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide.

9/23/02 - Split the Windows CE Versions FAQ into the ActiveSync Versions FAQ.  Added an ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide.  Revised Removing ActiveSync 3.X to include ActiveSync 3.0, 3.1 or 3.5.

9/17/02 - Added the sonicadmin Review -Easy Network Administration using your Pocket PC!

9/16/02 - Added the Intersil driver to the Compaq WL-100 Driver Installation. Implemented Tool Tips for the top navigation menu - just mouse over the links to read more about where you can go!  Added a review of the Tuff as Nuts Case for the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition.   Added the Seidio Data Power Pack for the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition Review.

9/15/02 - Added Ambicom WL1100C-CF to the 802.11b WiFi Wireless LAN Peripherals.  Added SSL and SPA 3rd party links to the Pocket PC Protocol Summary.

9/14/02 - Updated Accessing Corporate E-Mail to include how to use SSL and Craig Dewar's input on OWA for Exchange 2000 works with Pocket PC.

9/9/02 - Added CeBIT Asia 2002 by Philip Lam.

9/6/02 - Added descriptions to the list of ports that ActiveSync uses to the Protocols FAQ.

9/5/02 - Added a Reader memory leak to the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs.

9/4/02 - Updated the Pocket PC Users Group - International information for the Sydney Pocket PC Users Group and added the Melborne Pocket PC Users Group..

9/3/02 - Added TigerTools TigerServ PDA to the Network Utilities FAQ.

9/2/02 - Added my PowerPoint Presentation from last year's fall Pocket PC Summit - Pocket PC Communication Introduction and Overview - What does my Pocket PC talk to?.

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