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Changes - August 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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8/30/2001 - Added What Hardware Does Chris Carry? 

8/29/2001 - Added Pocket Slides 1.0 for Pocket PC Released, New Pocket PC Audio Software from Applian Technologies to the News/Press Releases.

8/28/2001 - Added "Merlin" to enchant HP handhelds to the Merlin Articles.  Added a review of the TrendNET CompactFlash 10/100 baseT Ethernet card.

8/27/2001 - Added a section on the Casio BE-300 to the Windows CE 3.0 pages: Screen Shots - Applications, Screen Shots - Settings, Software CD Screen Shots, Sync Software Screen Shots. Added Pocket PC Summit Announces First Three Pocket PC Giveaway Winners For The Week Of August 26, 2001 to the News/Press Releases.  Added a review of the ZCom LanEscape XI-800 CompactFlash 802.11b Wireless LAN Card.

8/25/2001 - Added ScreenSnap 4.0 to the Applications.  Free Courtesy of Developer One!  Added an article Merlin Beta Screen Shots to the Merlin Articles.  Added Pocket PC Formatted Links to Pocket PC Pages. Added a link to Les Gainous' Developer Presentations to the Developer Links.

8/24/2001 - Added Symbol To Provide Wireless LAN For Pocket PC Summit Attendees, Applian Technologies partners with NextUp for Text to Speech to the News/Press Releases.  Added Pocket PC - First Encounter to the Getting Started FAQ.   Added the removal of support for Schedule + to the ActiveSync 3.5 Review.

8/23/2001 - Added SmartMedia Peripherals.  Added the TRENDNet TEW-PC16 as compatible to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards.  Added MultiMeteor Announces Roster of Speakers and Sponsors for the Pocket PC Summit, What is the result ? Let Talking Calculator announce to you, BSQUARE Dramatically Simplifies Device Driver Development with Release of WinDK for Windows CE, The One Stop Shop for Games on the Go now online on! to the News/Press Releases.

8/22/2001 - Added Announcement: Pocket Mascot, Shortcut to the Today Screen to the News/Press Releases.

8/21/2001 - Added releases abcDB Database v2.0Announce a new game for Pocket PC - Clear Bombs, Announce product update information - Pocket Painter to the News/Press Releases.

8/20/2001 - Added the NetGear MA401 to compatible in the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards since it works with the Compaq WL100 driver.

8/17/2001 - Added Aidem has released version 1.20 of Photo Explorer to the News/Press ReleasesAnnouncing the new Career Center for CEWindows.NET at  - in partnership with Tech Engine.  Now you can post job opportunities and search for jobs right here on CEWindows.NET!

8/16/2001 - Added the BlueFlash CF and BlueCard PC card to the Bluetooth Cards.

8/15/2001 - Updated Palm Hardware (Taiwan) to TWPDA in the Ram Upgrades and they now offer the 32 MB flash upgrade for the iPAQ.  Added another article about the next generation Pocket PC to the Merlin Articles.  Added info on the version of Windows CE, When will Merlin Ship to the Merlin FAQ.  Added a link to the Talisker Emulation Preview Release Beta 2 to the Talisker FAQ. Added POCKET PC SUMMIT - Pre-Registration Deadline For The First Pocket PC Summit Ends August 31, 200, Pocket SlideShow 1.10 Released1 to the News/Press Releases.

8/14/2001 - Added IMPART TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCES THE AVAILABILITY OF A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO PEER-TO-PEER WIRELESS DEVELOPMENT to the News/Press ReleasesAdded What's New to the Pocket PC Pages - optimized content from CEWindows.NET for the Pocket PC.

8/13/2001 - Added Email on the move with Windows CE and Exchange 5.5 by Nigel Fielden.  I finally got the Palm-size PC CMF Player on the Casio Page. Added Announcing Pocket Piano, a new program for the Pocket PC, Pocket PC version of FrotzCE is now available, Word lookup application just release by ScaryBear Software to the News/Press Releases.

8/12/2001 - Added Users Group International - there are users groups in Australia, Germany, Greece, Thailand, just to name a few countries.

8/10/2001 - Added Pocket PC Development in the Enterprise to the Developer Books.  Split Developer Links and Programming Languages - Did you know you can use Lisp, SmallTalk, Perl or Python with your Pocket PC?  Added the Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner Program and Sapphire Software to the Developer Links.

8/9/2001 - Added POCKET PC SUMMIT - Pocket PC Summit Announces Keynote Speakers to the News/Press Releases.

8/8/2001 - Added more articles to the Merlin Articles. Added the New York City Pocket PC User's Group and the Las Vegas, NV Pocket PC Users Group to the Users Groups.  Added a comment about for Flash developers to the Web Browser FAQ.

8/7/2001 - Added 128 MB upgrades from PCE2000 and Times2Tech to the RAM Upgrades.  Added CMS Gives PDA Users Room to Work and Play with 5GB Fire & Forget, MobileCoders Introduces Premium Developer Features to the News/Press ReleasesAdded ActiveSync 3.5 as well.  Added an article to the Merlin Articles.

8/6/2001 - Added the BroMax FreePort BWP250-I to the 802.11 Wireless LAN  CompactFlash Cards.  Added the BroMax iPort CompactFlash 56k Modem to the CompactFlash Modems. Added the BroMax iPort CompactFlash Ethernet to the Ethernet CompactFlash Cards.

8/2/2001 - Added the D-Link DCF-650W to the 802.11 Wireless LAN  CompactFlash Cards.  Added the D-Link DCF-560M to the CompactFlash Modems.  Added Can't Stop The Riot released by Pocket Innovations, BBView update - now with slideshow feature to the News/Press Releases

8/1/2001 - Added Ace Bartender 2.0 is Released!, Pocket Teque is pleased to announce the release of its first product 'Kick-Off! Slot Machine', ScaryBear Software has just released two games for the Pocket PC, "Balls" and "Peg Solitaire", CalliGrapher 6.0 is now available. to the News/Press Releases

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