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Changes - June 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2002

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6/29/02 - Added the microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.compactframework to the Developer Newsgroups for the PC and the Pocket PC.

6/28/02 - Added Pocket Hosts to the Network Troubleshooting FAQ - it allows you to sync even if you can not ping the desktop by name.

6/23/02 - Added Pocket Mac Pro Screen Shots - Synchronize your Pocket PC to your Mac OS X with Exchange and Entourage!  Another CEWindows.NET Exclusive!  Added Pocket Mac, the Manual and Pocket Mac - How to Configure to the Pocket Mac page.

6/23/02 - Added the Anycom CF-2001 to the Bluetooth CompactFlash Cards.  Added purchasing from to the MultiMedia Card / Secure Digital Card.  Added Improving the Speed of XScale to explain how XScale could have better met user's expectations for increased performance.  Added the Hewlett Packard iPAQ 3900 to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.

6/23/02 - Added a note about the e310 and e370 in the Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1 (EUU1) FAQ.  Added the Toshiba e740 and ordering for multiple Pocket PCs from and to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.  Added Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition Comparison.

6/22/02 - Added Narutech CETerm, CE5250, CE3270, CEVT220 to the Terminal Emulator/Telnet FAQ.

6/20/02 - Added SnapNType Keyboard for iPAQ 3800 Review.

6/19/02 - Added Killsync - a quick and easy way to stop ActiveSync!

6/18/02 - Added Resync - a quick and easy way to stop and restart ActiveSync!

6/17/02 - Added how to identify whether or not Service Pack 1 is installed to the Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1 (EUU1) FAQ.  Added POP before SMTP Relaying to the Accessing Corporate E-Mail.

6/11/02 - Added Pocket PC Communication Introduction and Overview - What Does My Pocket PC Talk To? - My presentation at the fall Pocket PC Summit.

6/10/02 - Added Pocket PC Summit 2002 East pictures.

6/10/02 - Added Accessing Corporate Networks to describe how to connect to them remotely.

6/09/02 - Added links to Applications and Using Windows CE Books, Pocket PC Books, Application Programming Books, Embedded Systems Programming Books. So now you can order from Amazon, Amazon UK and Amazon DE!

6/08/02 - Added Kln, Germany, Mexico City, Mexico, Quebec Pocket PC Users Group, Canada, Toronto Area pocket PC Users Group, Canada to the Pocket PC Users Groups - International.  Added New Jersey Pocket PC Users Group, Chicago Pocket PC Users Group, South Florida Pocket PC Users Group, Florida Pocket PC Users Group, Mid-Hudson Computer User Group, Inc.; PDA/Mobile PC & Wireless SIG, Central Illinois Pocket PC User Group, Westchester Pocket PC Users Group to the Pocket PC Users Group - US.

6/06/02 - Added Accessing Corporate E-Mail.

6/03/02 - Added Pocket PC's Future Clouded by Windows CE.NET.

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