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SnapNType Keyboard for iPAQ 3800 Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 6/20/2002

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The SnapNType T-302 keyboard from TT-Tech is a small clip on keyboard for the iPAQ 3800 series. It is desgined to be plugged into the serial/usb port on the bottom of the bare iPAQ or with a sleeve. The keyboard is composed of 5 rows of keys - the first 3 rows are equivalent to the QWERTY alphabetical keys while the fourth row is for special keys including an Alt key and the spacebar.  The fifth row is for the application keys and the Windows Key. The Alt key is very important since you have to use it to type numbers or special characters.  This means that you have to be prepared to hold the key down and then type the character.  The SnapNType keyboard does include a driver to make typing numbers and alternate characters easier.  It is part of the SIP (soft input panel) just like the pop-up keyboard that Microsoft offers, however their keyboard just displays the alternate characters.


Installing the SnapNType driver requires the user to use a PC with ActiveSync using the Add/Remove programs function. I recommend that the user have their iPAQ connected when they install the driver.  If you do not have your iPAQ connected, ActiveSync will load the Add/Remove programs and check drive A: for the floppy until the installation is complete. 


Overall, I found the SnapNType keyboard easy to use once I got it connected.  It was difficult to connect when I used the Silver Slider 5 with the lower arms cut off.  Overall typing did require a little more pressure than the HP keyboard but it worked very well.  They also offer a version for the iPAQ 3600 series as well, however I found that the buttons were too stiff for me to feel comfortable using it.  If you are looking for a keyboard for your iPAQ that you can use while holding it, I recommend considering the SnapNType.  It is a quality product that does what it says it will do - allow you to type by just plugging in the keyboard!

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