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Changes - February 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2002

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2/28/02 - Added a Newsgroup Gateway for easy web based posting to the Microsoft Pocket PC and Handheld PC as well as the Developer Newsgroups. Also, it offers the ability to easily see the latest messages and replies. Let me know what you think of it by e-mailing me at Chris@Pocket PC FAQ  Added more information on the Smart Phone 2002.

2/26/02- Revised the Pocket PC Bugs - Hewlett Packard with a workaround for their password routine.

2/25/02- Added Shanghai Pocket Essentials Review by Allen Gall.

2/22/02- Added Casio A-10/11, A-20/21/22 Pinout.

2/21/02- Added How to Do Everything with your Pocket PC and Handheld PC, 2nd Edition to the Pocket PC Books and the Windows CE Books.

2/20/02- Added information on Service Packs and OEM updates to the Supporting Pocket PCs in the Enterprise.  Revised Initial Configuration Recommendations to include Pocket PC 2002 information.  Added the iPAQ Bluetooth sleeve and the Bluei line of sleeves to the Bluetooth Peripherals and Expansion Packs.

2/19/02- Introducing Allen Gall, Games Editor for Pocket PC FAQ. He's reviewed Slurp and Bob the Pipe Fitter.  Feel free to e-mail Allen@Pocket PC FAQ about any new games you want reviewed.

2/18/02- Site Redesign - Redesigned the navigation - added By Device and By Version.  What do you think? e-mail me at chris@Pocket PC FAQ 

2/17/02- Site Redesign - What do you think of the new homepage? e-mail me at chris@Pocket PC FAQ  Added a new Devices page with links to individual pages for each device type.

2/16/02- Added Special Using Pocket PCs, A PC In Your Pocket?  to the Pocket PC Books. Added Flash eGear: Pocket PC | DVD | ITV | Video | Game Consoles | Wireless to the Application Programming Books.  Added Pocket PC Medical Books.

2/15/02- Added Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 1 FAQ.

2/13/02- Added Mobilize Yourself!: The Microsoft(r) Guide to Mobile Technology, How to Do Everything With Your iPAQ to the Pocket PC Books.

2/12/02- Added Rebuttal - Head to Head: Palm's OS vs Pocket PC

2/11/02- Added an iPocket Bungee Review, NexiPak Review and Compaq Dual PC Card Sleeve Review.   Added the Compaq GSM/GPRS sleeve, Compaq Bluetooth sleeve, NexiPak and NexiCam to the iPAQ Expansion Pack.  Added Customizing the BE-300 by Mike DiLeo.  Added M�bius Europe to the Events.  Added the driver name for the Linksys card  and Compaq HN-100 to the 802.11 Wireless Lan PC Cards.

2/10/02- Added Video Out Peripherals to explain the different hardware you can use to connect your Pocket PC to a VGA display or TV.

2/7/02- Added Audiovox, and handsets for Nextel, Kyocera, and Ericsson to the Cellular Peripherals.

2/6/02- Added Hewlett-Packard 56x Service Pack 1 which explains how to install HP's update to the Pocket PC 2002.

2/5/02- Added more information to the Pocket PC Security.

2/4/02- Added bugs to the Casio Pocket PC 2002 Bugs.  Added bugs to the Hewlett Packard Pocket PC 2002 Bugs.  Added bugs and fixes to the Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Software.

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