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NexiPak Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 2/11/2002

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The NexiPak offers the first dual CompactFlash slots sleeve for the iPAQ Pocket PC.  The NexiPak will be available at the end of the month for $149.99.

Features of the NexiPak

The NexiPak offers dual type II (5mm) CompactFlash card slots.  The slots are stacked on top of each other with a small plastic divider between the slots.  Also, the slot closest to the iPAQ is higher than the second slot by about 1/4 inches. This offset may prevent some peripherals like modems and Ethernet cards that have external packages from fitting in the second slot.  The slot closest to the iPAQ will support modems and Ethernet cards though.  Also, the NexiPak offers an additional removable lithium ion battery.  The battery can be recharged while the iPAQ is charging or through the provided external charger.  The NexiPak does not trickle charge the iPAQ like the Compaq PC Card sleeve or Compaq Dual PC Card sleeve.


While I like the idea of the NexiPak, I found that the size of the NexiPak is about 1/8 of an inch smaller than the Compaq Dual PC Card slot.  The one advantage the NexiPak does have is that you can easily replace the sleeve's battery, however the NexiPak does not work without the battery installed.  Overall I suggest getting the NexiPak if you want to use only CompactFlash peripherals and want a replaceable battery since it is cheaper than the Compaq Dual PC Card slot which is heavier.

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