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By Chris De Herrera 
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Changes - February 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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2/28/2001 - Added Getting Started section for users that are considering buying their first Windows CE Handheld PC or Pocket PC and new purchasers information.  Added a Peripherals section to provide quick information on Ethernet, Modem, Storage and Wireless LAN compatibility with Windows CE.

2/27/2001 - Added the FlashEnabled showcase  for mobile devices and EDS Running with the Squirrels to the Web Browser FAQ. Fixed problems with corrupted CAB files in 7 Day Appt View. You must delete the cab file in the My Documents directory and reinstall.  This was caused by FrontPage not maintaining the size of the file.  Added information on PrintPocketCE to the Printing FAQ.  Added News & Press Releases.

2/26/2001 - Revised Mapping the Casio E-115 Joypad - now works with all Casio and Compaq Pocket PCs plus you can install it using RegKing.  Added info on Flash, turning on ClearType in Pocket IE for the Pocket PC and Debugging Pocket IE on the Web Browser FAQ.

2/25/2001 - Added more info to the Bluetooth FAQ.

2/22/2001 - Added Bit-Net to the ISP Settings - US.

2/21/2001 - Added a Bluetooth FAQ.

2/20/2001 - Added LightSpeed to the ISP Settings - International.

2/17/2001 - Added EagleTec CF Lan to the Ethernet FAQ.  Added EagleTec CF Modem to the CompactFlash and PC Card Modem Power FAQ.

2/14/2001 - Added support for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German to 7 Day Appt View - Automatically switches to the correct language based on the language of your Pocket PC!

2/13/2001 - Added Shaka and to the ISP Settings FAQ - US.

2/12/2001 - Updated the Protocols FAQ with additional information on the ports ActiveSync uses. Added another article to the Overclocking Windows CE for the Casio E-125.  Added Domain, MMC and SD to the Glossary.  Updated RegKing to add nulls at the end of strings when using Undo.

2/10/2001 - Added Talisker  - the code name for the next version of Windows CE, latest build numbers to the Pocket PC version to the Versions FAQ.

2/9/2001 - Updated Getting Started with more information to help users begin to tap the potential of their Pocket PC or Handheld PC.

2/7/2001 - Updated 7 Day Appointment View to use CEWebInstallX to automatically download to your Pocket PC!  Added a Network Utilities FAQ which describes where to find utilities that users and network administrators may need to diagnose networking issues.

2/6/2001 - Updated RegKing to version 1.5 which fixes minor bugs and makes it easier to use.  Added Document and Demonstrate Windows CE to explain how to get screen shots and publicly show how to use a Pocket PC or Handheld PC, Professional Edition.

2/5/2001 - Added USB to the Glossary.

2/4/2001 - Revised the Protocols FAQ to clarify information and add Windows 2000 and USB. Added Microsoft Mobile Devices to the News section of Other Information on Windows CE

2/3/2001 - Added many articles I wrote to the Articles on the NET.

2/2/2001 - Added the Proxim RangeLAN-DS, Proxim Harmony 802.11b and Cabletron RoamAbout to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration

2/1/2001 - Added PocketRocketFX and Canon WebView Livescope to the Video FAQ.  Added a Pocket PC section in the Other Information on Windows CE.  Added International Task bug to the Pocket PC Bug List.

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