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Mapping the Casio E-115 Joypad in Media Player
By John Cody, Copyright 2000, 2001
 Version 1.01  Revised 2/26/2001

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The new MS media player for the E-105 allowed you to define (map) the right and left cursor-pad buttons to functions of the player, such as right-side = next song, left-side = prev song. But the media player built into the ROM of the E-115 does not list the left and right buttons as available for mapping by default. But I got it to work. 
(Editors Note: This hack works on the Casio E-115, E-125, EM-500 and EG-800.  It also works on the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC as well  Also you can use RegKing to easily install or remove this hack.)

Heres how to do it:

1. You'll need a reg editor and go to:

    hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows media player\

2. Delete every value in the "\button map" folder - this will result in all key mappings being set to "<none>" in media player

3. Add the following decimal keys to the "\buttons" folder:

    Decimal Key Name "Left", value "37"
    Decimal Key Name "Right", value "39"

Now run media player and go to tools...options and remap the buttons as desired. I remapped them as:

    Side button #2 (the voice recorder button) = Toggle Screen
    Action (press black wheel on side) = "Pause"
    Up = Volume Up
    Down = Volume Down
    Left = Prev Song
    Right = Next Song

Cool Addition:

The built-in Media player of the E-115 has a function called "Screen Toggle" that will shut off the LCD backlight and doesn't turn on that stupid red LED as previous E-105 backlight-off programs did.

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