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Updates Week of December 22, 2002

Update: Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 3 (EUU3) FAQ

Added T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition and a link to Bill Perry's upgrade instructions.
Posted Monday, December 23, 2002 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.68

Pocket EverQuest Review

Read Allen Gall's latest review - Pocket Everquest:
"You've probably heard of EverQuest, the epic game that’s taken on almost legendary proportions in the gaming scene. It's one of those games that inspire such fanaticism that you have to question the sanity of some of the hardcore players. Like some of the more obsessive players of pen-and-paper based RPGs (Do people still play those?), fervent EverQuest players sometimes let elements of the game spill over into reality, and in-game elements become commodities which are bought and sold in real life (I’m not talking about t-shirts, hats, and mugs—people are actually paying substantial amounts of REAL MONEY for items THAT ARE JUST PARTS OF A GAME and DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST. I hear there’s some sort of game in Asia similar to EverQuest, only it has far more players, some of which form roving gangs in real life. I fear what would happen if this game ever came to the U.S.)..."
Posted Monday, December 23, 2002 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.77

Article: Ages of Empires Review

Allen Gall reviews Ages of Empires
"Many people were thrilled when ZioSoft announced it was porting Age of Empires over to the Pocket PC several months back.� Although I didn't play the original that much, it was a popular game.� AoE was an RTS game featuring several ancient civilizations competing against each other instead of the usual orcs and elves, humans and aliens, Americans and Soviets rivalries.� It didn't matter that all the various civilizations looked and acted pretty much the same, with the critical exception of wearing different-colored shorts (And why are they all male?� I suppose you don't need women in a society where members are generated by buildings.)� AoE was a bit more sophisticated than some of its peers--victory wasn't always just a matter of destroying the enemy's base; sometimes you had to win by economic means or by exploring land and claiming land markers.� Anyway, AoE was a hit on the desktop, spurning sequels that have done well for Microsoft and its gaming division..."
Posted Monday, December 23, 2002 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.71

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